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Auto download of 2 separate Bank accounts (1-Business & 1-Payroll) data, entered transactions into wrong registries

Hello I have been working with QBO software since I was hired for a small Security Service company for almost 2 years now, and It seems that often when we were directed to "updated" QBO to get recent "sync" bank account information, we experience major problems.  The first being a year ago after we added another checking account (this one for payroll) we experienced a "mirror-like" registry of our main business account.  We had help with the QBO rep to remove the "ghost" account, merging everything as it should, only to discover later some transaction entries were duplicated in the wrong account registry. They were payroll entries that were paid from the "main" business account, but had not officially started using the bank payroll account.  Only transfers  of funds were made between the 2 accounts. The problem was now beyond the rep's purvey and recommended the issue be addressed by "tech" support, and we waited more than 3 months to be resolved and in the end "unable" to fix. For the next 2 to 3 months we simply chose to ignore the "ghost" entries in the payroll registry when we reconciled and maintain to the actual bank balance since QBO balances continuously never matched. The most recent issue, is now some transactions paid out of the "main" business account are posted in QBO payroll registry and yet these transactions have nothing to do with payroll.  They are not duplicate, just downloaded to incorrect registry, nor can they be "unloaded" to the correct registry.  QBO help topics do not cover this and reconnecting over and over with our financial institution, has left our CEO disgusted and shopping elsewhere for an alternative online accounting service.

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Auto download of 2 separate Bank accounts (1-Business & 1-Payroll) data, entered transactions into wrong registries

Well, It sounds like support left you in quite a mess. Unfortunately with payroll entries, you can’t change the bank account on them. With the exception of the merging which is what they did to you, there’s no way to open up a Payroll transaction and move it to a different bank account. You can delete it but at this point, that’s not an option. You can only delete current transactions that haven’t cleared. Here’s an article I wrote that will step you through how to clear your bank register at reconciliation for these transactions.  It’s not a pretty workflow but it will work.



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