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Re: Banking Not Matching Transactions

I just got off a Chat with support and they told me there is an ongoing investigation into this issue and the engineers are "working on it".  They apparently knew about it before I brought it up.  There is no estimated time that the issue will be resolved and I will be notified via email when it is fixed.  LOL

We rely on this feature as a daily check to help insure no money comes out of our account that is not expected. All unmatched transactions are "flagged for review".  The review costs time and money.

I asked for a discount on my monthly subscription until it is fixed.  They said to call sales so I am going to try it on general principal.  Not expecting much though.  Don't know about anyone else but we just got hit with a price increase about the same time this problem started to crop up. 

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Re: Banking Not Matching Transactions


I have almost the same issue. I created one  journal entry with 3 or more lines of data involved. This entry has a  couple of listed transactions that should match the uploaded bank transaction I have in QBO. I'd appreciate if anybody that came across this issue was able to find a solution. Thanks.

@Anonymous wrote:

I have just entered many checks into QuickBooks.  I'm trying to match them with downloaded transactions and none of the downloaded transactions offer a MATCH.  When I click on the transaction, it has ADD checked.  When I check MATCH, it takes me to a page with multiple checks to select from.  How do I get the downloaded transactions to offer the matches when I click on them.?  All of my other QuickBooks Online clients show that option - this one does not.  I am listed as an accountant for the client I'm having troubles with.  I'm listed as a user on my other clients.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Banking Not Matching Transactions

Hi there, @Gee4.


Thanks for joining this thread. Normally, the journal entry you've entered should match with the uploaded bank transaction you have in QB Online. I've replicated the information on my sample account and experience the same issue.  


I've also checked our records but  couldn't find any reports about this behavior.  I'd suggest you contact our Customer Care team to report the issue. A representative will gather important details about your experience and will use that information to support the case for investigation. You will also be notified directly via email about its progress. 


Here's how you can get through us from your QuickBooks company: 


  1. Click the Help (?) icon at the top right.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter your question in the field, then click Let's talk.
  4. Select an option to get through us. 


We appreciate your patience on this concern, @Gee4. Let us know how it goes with you as it will be a great help to other users who are also following this thread. 

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Re: Banking Not Matching Transactions

I did exactly what katherinejoyceO suggested with the chat thing and got the response about the known issues and the engineers are working on it.  katherinejoyceO , I know there is at least one case because I created it.  I referenced this thread in the chat.  Like a dummy, I forgot to write my case # down before I closed the chat window and it went away into the void.


  • We have 2 separate QBO accounts for two separate companies and it is only happening for one company.
  • One company has the basic QBO (essentials) where everything is entered as an expense with no bill payment.
  • The other has one of the more expensive subscriptions where we enter bills then pay the bills.
  • Our unmatched problem appears to happen only on the company that uses the bill payment feature.
  • We use PNC for both companies.

It was suggested in one of the replies that it was an issue with the data that is coming back from the bank.  My spider sense tells me it is not the bank.


Who do you bank with? 


QuickBooks Team

Re: Banking Not Matching Transactions

I wouldn’t be able to check your account from here to see your case, eftbookeeping. Thus, I'm unable to confirm if this is an issue.


Going back to matching transactions. You're unable to match if the entries in QuickBooks are:

  • already reconciled (with R marks)
  • matched to other transactions
  • saved in a different register
  • have different amounts

Another reason. You can’t match if your bank transactions are downloaded in reverse. This means the sales came out as expenses (money out) and the expenses came out as income (money in). If this had happened, you can exclude them. Then, download your transactions from your bank, and upload them to QuickBooks.


I suggest you use the CSV format since you can select the columns where your entries will post.


Let us know which of the above possible reasons you are experiencing right now, and we will help you solve it.

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