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How do I import a .qbo file?

I use Self-Employed and want to import credit card transactions for the entire year as a .qbo file
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How do I import a .qbo file?

Hope you're having a great evening, MrErdy!


The ability to import your transactions can save you more time compared to doing manual entry. I will share information about it, especially about your QBO file.


As of this moment, QuickBooks Self-Employed only supports the CSV format. I suggest checking with your bank if they offer such an option or at least the XLSX (Excel) format. Just save it as CSV (comma delimited). Otherwise, you'll want to find a converter online to convert your file to CSV.



To import your transactions:


  1. Go to the Profile ⚙ icon.
  2. Click Import transactions.
  3. Choose the Import transactions at the bottom or on the Cash account. Or, click Import older transactions on your credit card account if it's connected.


You can also check the article about categorizing your transactions. It has a video clip and detailed steps to guide you through managing your transactions.


Let me know if you have questions as you go through the process. Take care!

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How do I import a .qbo file?


Explore MT Online as a workaround.


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