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Reconciliation Discrepancy

I noticed in a check register (Account B)  that a check written from one account (Account B) to another (Account A) had been entered twice. Same amount, same date. This was back in July. I deleted one of them. I'm pretty sure that the one I deleted had not cleared, so I thought I was OK.

When I went to finish up reconciling Account A for December 2020, my beginning balance was off by the exact amount of that check.

I really don't want to undo any reconciliations. 

Is there a better solution to this?  


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Reconciliation Discrepancy

I know what we can do about this, gloriadeb204.


The beginning balance of the current period will be incorrect if you have deleted a reconciled transaction from the previous period.


We can manually reconcile the transaction from the previous period. With this, you don't need to undo your previous reconciliations while we correct the beginning balance of your current period.

  1. Click Accounting on the left menu and go to the Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. Look for the affected bank account and click View register.
  3. Look for the transaction whose duplicate was deleted.
  4. Change the reconcile status from blank or Cleared (C) to Reconciled (R).
  5. Click Save and select Yes to confirm the action.

You can also use this link for reference: Undo or remove transactions from reconciliations in QuickBooks Online.


From there, you can continue reconciling the current period.


You might also find this link helpful you have previously reconciled the account: Fix issues for accounts you've reconciled in the past in QuickBooks Online.


Keep us posted if you need additional assistance in reconciling the account. Have a great day!

Level 3

Reconciliation Discrepancy


I tried to go through these steps. I am using Desktop 2017. Not sure if that makes a difference.

I went to the Register via Banking and Use Register.

I don't get the "C" or "R". I get a checkmark.

I don't get "save". But I hit Record at the bottom.

Is this the same thing?

But it still didn't change my beginning balance. It's still off by $80,000.

I undid two month's reconciliation, which is going to be suck a lot of time to redo. 

What am I doing wrong, or do I not have this capability in 2017?



QuickBooks Team

Reconciliation Discrepancy

Hi Gloria.


Thank you for following up with us here on the Community page. I can help you with fixing the discrepancy in your reconciliation.


Yes, you're right about undoing the past reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). Moreover, QBDT 2017 must not be an issue with the process. If you wish to, you can upgrade your QuickBooks versions to get the latest features available. You can open these articles for your references:



Since you're still getting an incorrect balance, you can proceed with running a discrepancy report or checking your audit trail to find the transactions causing the discrepancy.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports tab, then select Banking.
  2. Click on Reconciliation Discrepancy.
  3. Choose the appropriate Account, then select OK. You now have a list of transactions that were changed since the last reconciliation. Use this report to identify the transaction/s causing the issue.
  4. If you find a discrepancy, note the transaction date and the Entered/Last Modified, which will tell you when the change occurred.


To fix the discrepancy, you have to re-enter or edit the transactions. You can undo your previous reconciliation and redo it or ignore the discrepancy and let QuickBooks enter an offsetting adjustment. For your guide, check out the instructions under To fix an incorrect balance section.


Moreover, here's an article you can read more about reconciling previously deleted and re-entered checking or credit card transactions.


If you have any other questions about banking or reconciliation, please let me know by adding a comment below. I'm more than happy to help. Have a good one!

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