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Reconciliation Discrepancy

I have wrote a payroll check for less than the payroll amount was supposed to be. The check has been deposited show there is a discrepancy for my reconciliation for this month. I have not reconciled before with a discrepancy. I have written a check for the difference that was owed but it won't show until my next bank statement. What do I do with the current reconciliation? Do I mark that transaction as cleared or wait?

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Reconciliation Discrepancy

Hello there, @keepknoxbeauitful. I'm here to lend a hand with your reconciliation concern.


When reconciling your books, its purpose is to match the bank statement balance to your book balanced adjusted for uncleared items. In your case, you may need to unclear the deposited check. Since the difference when performing reconciliation should be zero. 


To know more about the reconciliation process in QuickBooks Desktop, check out these articles:

For future reference, I would suggest checking out this resource which you may find helpful: Resolve common issues on Previous Reconciliation report.


I'm only a comment or post away if you have any other questions. Take care!

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