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I had a PayCycle account. It became IOP. It exported payroll data into QBO. Logging into IOP this week it had converted my PayCycle account into a new QBO account. Everything in the new QBO account was setup from PayCycle including the export to QBO. I ran payroll and during the export it failed. So it's now really exporting from QBO to another QBO account. The message isn't specific enough for me to fix. Error communication to IPP Feature = QBOV3Export: QBOV3AdapterBase.addCheck failed. Exception = ERROR CODE:6430, ERROR MESSAGE:Invalid account type used, ERROR DETAIL:Invalid account type: You need to select a different type of account for this transaction., MORE ERROR DETAIL: Invalid account type used
QuickBooks Team

Let me route you to the right support team who can help fix the error, Andrew92.


I recommend seeking help through another forum. We call it the Intuit Developer forum. It's a place where different coders help each other fix the IPP error. By doing so, you'll be able to run payroll in QuickBooks Online.


Here's how to get in touch with them:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Scroll down, then click Contact us under the Intuit column.
  3. Choose your subscription.
  4. Sign in to your QuickBooks account.
  5. Click Ask A Question and follow onscreen instructions.

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to comment below. I'm always around to help you.

Level 1

This isn't me coding anything. This is QBO showing the error while QBO is doing the export itself. I did a couple of rounds of support via chat and they don't even seem to understand the PayCycle -> IOP -> QBO conversion that Intuit did. Really seems like no one at Intuit does. Even though Intuit did it and then just emailed me saying IOP was gone and to use the new QBO account instead. I'm on the phone now seeing if someone can sort it out. I posted here figuring there must be other customers who got the forced migration.



Level 1

This happened to me as well, can't import to quickbooks online, same error message


QuickBooks Team

Hi @ayerapac,


Thank you for joining the thread. I'll take care of this issue for you. 


Whenever you bump into unusual situations with web-based apps, you can open your browser's private window. It isolates cache, which is the common cause of browser issues.


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N

If it works, go back to your regular browser and clear its cache. Otherwise, open a different browser available for you.


Post a reply if you have any other questions about your QuickBooks Online company. I'll be sure to get back to you. 

Level 1

This has nothing to do with the browser. It's an error coming from QBO. There must not have been very many of us former PayCycle customers still doing exports to QBO and got moved.


Hi, Andrew92.


Allow me the help and get this working for you. The Invalid account type used error means the account type on the export file is different from the ledger that's already on the chart of accounts.


QuickBooks doesn't let you import a transaction with an account with the same name but with a different type. To get this sorted out, I'd suggest checking the type of the account and make the necessary corrections.


You can either change the account type on your QuickBooks chart of accounts or update the ledger used on your export file to match them.


Here's how to change the account type in QuickBooks:


  1. Click Accounting in the left navigation menu and choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Locate the account used and click Edit.
  3. Select the appropriate Detail Type that you'd like.
  4. Hit Save and Close.
  5. Tap Yes.

Once updated, you can perform the export process again. For your payroll references, you can check out this article: Commonly used articles to get started with Payroll. This will provide you links from setting up payroll to filing tax forms in QuickBooks.


Let me know the result of this troubleshooting in the comment below. I need to make sure this is resolved and you're back to running your normal payroll processing. All the best!

Level 1

How do I tell which account doesn't line up? Bank account, wage account, tax account, tax liabilities. All of them are the accounts I've been using for PayCycle to export to QBO for the last 20 years. The export settings were mapped by Intuit when the forced move from PayCycle to QBO happened. I reviewed all of them and they all look correct.

QuickBooks Team

Hi Andrew,


I appreciate your responses on this and thank you for checking the mapping. However, I would recommend contacting our QBO Payroll Support team, so they can take a look at your setup to check this further. They can use a screen-sharing tool for this scenario. You can contact them on weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM PT.


If you have other questions, please let me know.


For quick references, just click on Help and search for the topics you like.

Level 1

I have. I was told it would likely be fixed by the 16th and worst case by 24th. It's not fixed. I'll call again Monday. But honestly this is a bad look. 20 years on PayCycle and QBO. Forced conversion to all QBO. It's not done right by Intuit and I'm left to sort it out.

QuickBooks Team

Thanks for the update, Andrew.


I see where you're coming from, and I understand your feedback. I'll share it with the relevant departments to improve our services. Yes, you can contact the team later for updates. I wish I had the tools to help you further.


Have a good one!

Level 1

Any luck yet? I am having the same problem and still cannot export my payroll transactions. 

QuickBooks Team

Thanks for joining in this thread, @MarilynC1.


I'll provide you some basic troubleshooting steps so you can export your payroll transactions. 


Before we start, can you share with us if you see any error message when exporting your payroll data? This way, we can check for any related reports in our system and provide you the appropriate solution. 


In the meantime, let's export your payroll transactions in a private window to test if the issue is browser-related. Sometimes local internet cache files stored in the system can cause unexpected behavior in the product. You can press the following keyboard shortcut keys to access incognito: 


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + N (Google Chrome).
  • Ctrl + Shift + P (Firefox).
  • Control + Option + P (Safari).


If you're able to successfully export your files, you can go back to your regular browser and clear its cache or use another supported browser to access your QBO account.


If you're still getting the same issue, I'd recommend reaching out to customer support. This way, they can check and trace the cause of this error.


Please know that our doors are always open to help you with any QuickBooks-related concerns. Take care and enjoy the day! 

Level 1

I spoke to support again Thursday. It's been at level 2 for 3 weeks. They can't get a status update. He said they know it's an issue and the number of people reporting it is growing. No ETA on a fix though.

Level 1

I am having the same problem, all my chart of accounts looks correct and I have also been using this for 10 years with no problem and no changes.  I will be running another payroll this week and still can't export my last! How do we fix this???


Hello @ayerapac,


I appreciate you for getting in touch with the Community. Let's get you over to the phone support team to resolve the issue.


I know how important being able to import previous data to QBO. Since the Community is a public forum, and the necessary steps are already shared, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Support Team.


They can continue checking the account and help make sure your information is safe and in place. If you have a case number, it will help streamline the process.


A case number contains the previous agent's notes according to what happened to your issue. This way, you won't be repeating yourself.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu at the upper right. 
  2. Choose Contact Us
  3. Enter your specific concern in the What can we help you with? box. 
  4. Click Let's talk
  5. Select Get a callback or Start a chat
  6. Enter your contact information. 
  7. Choose Confirm my call or Send message

Our Customer Support Team is available from 6 AM - 6 PM PT (Monday - Friday) and 6 AM - 3 PM PT (Saturday).


I've also attached an article you can use to effectively process payroll in QuickBooks: Get started with Payroll.


Let us know if you have any other concerns. We're here to help.

Level 1

Mine has been fixed as of this morning! Praise Jesus!

Level 1

Mine started working this morning also! Glad they got a fix sorted out. Some better communication by Intuit would have been nice. I still haven't heard anything from level 2 support. Need the blog brought back communicating these sorts of things and issues facing big groups of customers.

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