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Change a direct deposit employer bank account

I have quickbooks for desktop and added the trial subscription for payroll. I need to change the employer direct deposit bank account and have tried unsuccessfully for past several days. I've followed the instructions however

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Change a direct deposit employer bank account

I can see that you've already activated the direct deposit in QuickBooks Desktop, udye6d.


For us to change the employer's bank account, there are a few things we need to prepare and do. Here are the following:

  1. Gather the employer's bank account information, principal officer's address, and the payroll PIN.

  2. Set up your bank account in your chart of accounts.

  3. Check for pending tax payments and payroll transactions (direct deposits or paychecks).

  4. Update your bank account with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service.

  5. Verify your bank account.

  6. Change your default bank account in your preferences.

To see the detailed instructions of every steps, you can go to the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll section of this article: Change your payroll bank account.


Since you mentioned that you're unsuccessful in updating the details, did you somehow encounter an error message or code?  Additional information about this would be much appreciated. 


Once we have the details of the error, we can start our troubleshooting steps from there. Thank you in advance.

Level 2

Change a direct deposit employer bank account

This has been the most frustration transaction I have ever had. I cannot get support through any means provided by Intuit. Per your instruction, there is not a cancel option in my account. What is a support email or telephone number to contact.

Level 2

Change a direct deposit employer bank account

Is it possible during the trail period the bank account can't be changed?

QuickBooks Team

Change a direct deposit employer bank account

Hello, udye6d.


I'd also get frustrated if I can't get past a certain issue and I'm left with myself to resolve it. I'd like to lend you a hand and provide information regarding the direct deposit bank changes. 


You can still change the bank account during trial. Though, there's another reason why you're unable to change it. 


If you've run payroll from the original bank account, you'll want to wait until all the transactions have cleared from your bank and our side. The clearing process usually depends on the bank. 


However if there aren't any transactions left for clearing, I recommend contacting our payroll support. They can check the system and fix what's preventing you from changing the account. 


Have you tried accessing the Help menu to contact them? If not, here's how to reach our payroll support:


  1. On QuickBooks Desktop, press F1
  2. A new pop-up window will appear. Click the Contact us button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose a topic or enter "Cannot change direct deposit bank account" in the box.
  4. Hit Search.
  5. Choose how you want to reach us.





Also, are you referring to the payroll subscription? I still want to turn the tables around and make this interaction smooth. Though if you want to proceed to cancel it instead, you'll want to go through the Account Portal page in QuickBooks. The complete steps can be found here: Cancel Your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription


Also, we have a number of articles that can guide you with the everyday tasks in QuickBooks. Browse a topic here and look for an article: QuickBooks Desktop topics page


I'm here to listen and address your concerns, so don't hesitate to reply here. I'll ensure you'll be able to use QuickBooks Desktop smoothly. 

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Change a direct deposit employer bank account

I was struggling, then I found this video.  I hope it helps you too!



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