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Desktop Enterprise payroll subscription not working after upgrade from Pro

I just upgraded from QuickBooks Desktop Pro to Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise. My understanding in talking with the sales folks I don't need a payroll subscription with Enterprise. However now it is failing to validate my "payroll subscription" within the software. What do I need to do to get payroll working again?


I get error PS036 when I try to verify.


Trying to open "Account/Billing Information" for My Payroll Service takes me to a screen that wants me to add my EIN to an existing subscription. Do I put in the new Enterprise license number?

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QuickBooks Team

Desktop Enterprise payroll subscription not working after upgrade from Pro

I appreciate the detailed information about your concern, Regular User. I'll shed some light on using an existing payroll subscription after updating to the newest QuickBooks release. Let's work together to ensure you can get your payroll working again. 


QuickBooks Enterprise has its own built-in Payroll service, you'll have to activate it first to access or use it. After updating, re-enter the service key to activate your payroll service. To do this, you'll need to enter your EIN. You can use the Automated Service Key/Disk Delivery Key Tool to obtain your service key. Then, we re-enter it.


Finally, the error code PS036 you encountered upon verifying your payroll service is due to any of the following reasons: 


  • Incorrect internet connection settings.
  • A firewall setting that blocks payroll updates in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Damaged file in the CPS folder


To fix this, you can follow the outlined procedures. First, check your payroll service subscription. Let me show you how: 


  1. Close all your company files and restart your computer.
  2. Open QuickBooks, go to Employees, select My Payroll Service, then select Manage Service Key.
  3. Your Service Name and Status should be correct and will show as Active.
  4. Click Edit and verify the service key number. If incorrect, enter the correct service key.
  5. Select Next, uncheck the Open Payroll Setup box, then hit Finish.
  6. This will download the entire payroll update.


If the same error occurs, register and update your account to receive the latest software improvements. Refer to the steps below: 


  1. Press F2 on your keyboard to open Product Information.
  2. Besides the license number, check if it says Activated. If it doesn’t say Activated, register your QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. After you register QuickBooks Desktop, update it to the latest release.
  4. Download the latest payroll tax table update


Should the challenges with your payroll activation persist, you can follow Step 3 in this article: Fix PSXXX errors when downloading payroll updates


Drop by again if you have more questions about managing your payroll subscription, Regular User. Please let me know if you have encountered difficulties accessing your existing payroll to your new QuickBooks version, and I'll be here to offer a helping hand. Take care and keep safe! 

Regular User
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Desktop Enterprise payroll subscription not working after upgrade from Pro

I was able to get the payroll subscription working by viewing details in my account and using those values to enable it within QuickBooks. Now however it is not letting me activate Direct Deposit. I am getting error 50004:



I've tried all the steps I can find online to try to fix this with no luck; editing the INI file, running as admin, verify and rebuild company file, etc.


What else can I try to activate Direct Deposit?

QuickBooks Team

Desktop Enterprise payroll subscription not working after upgrade from Pro

I can see the urgency of getting this resolved @Regular User.  Allow me to help you get the best assistance for your concern.


First off, it's important to keep your QuickBooks Desktop up-to-date to access the latest features and fixes and prevent unexpected issues.


Since you've already performed the suggested ts, I'd suggest contacting our QuickBooks Payroll Support Team so they can pull up your account in a secure environment and closely examine the reason behind the issue.


Here's how:


  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop account.
  2. Go to Help, then click on QuickBooks Desktop Help/ Contact Us.
  3. Hit on Contact Us.
  4. Put a brief description of your concern, then hit on Continue.
  5. Sign in to your Intuit account then click on Continue and then Continue with my account.
  6. We will send a single-use code. You can enter the code and tap on Continue.
  7. Click on Chat with us or Have us call you to connect with real-time support.


For more information about setting up direct deposit: Set up your company payroll for direct deposit.


Moreover, you can visit this article for future reference about paying your employees once you've done setting up the direct deposit: Create and run your payroll.


I'm all ears to help you out if you need further assistance with managing your payroll-related tasks. Feel free to reach out. Stay safe always.

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