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Ky daisy
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Direct deposit funds lost

How does one actually reach a person who can help with a complaint?


How does one reach a person who can actually help when there is an issue with an ACH transfer?


Hours on the phone.  3 different answers and they refuse to let me speak to a manager or someone who could have helped!

And then tacked on a 100 fee TO ME!



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Direct deposit funds lost

Not sure.  Did you get this resolved?  Usually Intuit will chase down the money and get it back to you.


Direct deposit funds lost


I’m here to ensure this hold will be lifted right away, @Ky daisy.


This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience. I may haven't personally experienced what you've gone through, but know that you have the right to be heard, and I'm here listening to you. 


We'll be looking into this further and someone will reach out to you and further discuss your case. This is to make sure that will help you with your direct deposit funds.


To learn more about the direct deposit schedule and how to adjust your payroll for holidays. Feel free to read these articles:



We want to make sure this is taken care of for you. If you have any other concerns, you can always comment below. We're here to help you further. Stay safe, @Ky daisy.

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