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Edit payroll items used on paychecks

Due to a recent wc annual audit, we've realized that payroll items were set up somewhat incorrectly and not used properly.  Tax accounts and how the line items are accounted for are all fine.  Essentially what needs to change is the line item itself.  They are currently set up as:


Straight time

Straight time admin staff

straight time job staff (should be straight time tech 2)

straight time tech 1


The way these line items report should not be any different.  However, we have employees that should have been assigned to Tech 1, and employees that should have been assigned to Tech 2.  Unfortunately for the entire year (yup this was way before me) all of them have been just paid under "Straight time".  I need to change this.  What are the steps to do so, with out losing all the paycheck information currently listed under straight time.  Since our straight time line items flow in to jobs, an employee may have 15 line items with hours assigned to each job they worked in a two week period.  How do i edit the line item with out losing the information that is already there?


Right now if I edit a paycheck detail from prior payrolls, it blanks out the existing hours and job assigned on that line:


Straightime - 4.50 hours  "Blah Blah Customer"  "Blah Blah Class".


If I change Straight time to say tech 1 - I lose the info that follows it.  I forsee a lot of data entry in my future :).

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Edit payroll items used on paychecks

I know a way to change the payroll item, KimmieJ0.


One of the most significant pieces of information for tracking individual amounts on a paycheck is the payroll item. Following the steps below will allow you to change the name:


  1. Go to the Lists menu, select Payroll Item list.
  2. Right-click on the payroll item you'll want to change, then choose Edit Payroll Item.
  3. Enter necessary changes to the Payroll Item name.
  4. Hit Next until you can select Finish.


Check out this article for more details: Edit payroll items used on paychecks. Also, you can reach out to your accountant for the proper action to take before doing some changes to ensure the accuracy of your books.


Furthermore, I've got this helpful resource for learning how to adjust employee direct deposit paychecks if the information entered is incorrect: Delete or void employee paychecks.


If you require more payroll assistance, you can post a reply below. I'll always be here to support you.

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Edit payroll items used on paychecks

Thank you for responding.  This however only partially fixes the issue and may actually create another issue.  Keep in mind everyone is currently listed under the heading Straight time.  There are two groups, one needing to be Tech 1 and the other Tech 2.  If I change the heading of standard time to Tech 2, simply because there are more employees that will stay in this group, I still need to move part of that group to Tech 1. 


This is what the paycheck detail looks like after changing the name of "straight time" to "Straight time - tech 2" and then what happens when I update the line item to tech 1 (see example below)Tech2.PNG Tech 1.PNG

Am I going to have to go through the tech 1 employees and recreate every line item dating back to the beginning of the year???

QuickBooks Team

Edit payroll items used on paychecks

Thanks for keeping us updated, KimmieJ0.


Yes, that's right. You would need to edit each paycheck and then replace "Straight time" with the correct payroll item. This is the ensure that the data in your payroll reports are accurate. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Employees menu.
  2. Choose Payroll Center.
  3. Select the appropriate payroll from the Recent Payrolls section.
  4. Open the paycheck, and then click the Paycheck Detail button.
  5. Make the necessary changes.
  6. Click OK, then choose Yes to confirm the action.

Additionally, here' an article that you can read to help manage and track your payroll transactions in QuickBooks Desktop: Customize payroll and employee reports.


If there's anything else that I can help you with, please don't hesitate to visit the Community again. Have a good one.

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Edit payroll items used on paychecks

Just confirming before I get started on this task.  I will be making the changes in the paycheck detail section.  Will I also need to make these changes in the timesheet section of QB?



QuickBooks Team

Edit payroll items used on paychecks

Hello, KimmieJ0. 


Yes, you can update the changes made in the timesheet to ensure it's also aligned with the information you've updated in the paycheck. 


Then, I suggest to create a back up incase data damage occur. Please refer to this article: Back up your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


You can run a payroll summary report to make sure everything looks right. I have an article here on how to run this report: Create a payroll summary report


Please touch base with us if you need further assistance. Remember, we're always here to help. Stay safe!

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