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Filing previous year W-2 with SSA

I received notification that I didn't electronically file our W-2 with the SSA.  Can I file them in 2019 through QuickBooks?

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Filing previous year W-2 with SSA

Hi there!

Yes you should be able to file within the same Quickbooks program that you used to create them.  Just go to the Payroll center and click the tab marked 'File Forms'.  Choose the W-2 / W-3 option, but BE SURE to choose 'Open Draft' when opening.  If any payroll has been changed or the payroll version has been updated it may not pull in the same figures.  

Verify everyone's amounts with your backup (a pdf backup can be found below the file forms area in the history grid) before you file!!  If by chance you don't have e-filing turned on, you can do so by clicking the link below the Filing History grid that reads 'Change Filing Method'.

Hope this helps, have a great weekend!!


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Filing previous year W-2 with SSA

QuickBooks allows you to file only the most recent / current year's forms.  For the W-2 that means the 2018 W-2 at this point.

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