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How do i correct pay period dates?

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How do i correct pay period dates?

Hello, @johne3.


I'm here to help you correct the pay period dates in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


Correcting pay period dates may differ depending on the QBO Payroll subscription you're using and the goal you're trying to achieve. If you're rectifying the employee's pay period, you can follow the steps below. 


For QBOP Full Service, Core, Premium, and Elite: 


  1. Go to Workers, then select Employees
  2. Choose an employee's name and click the Edit (Pencil) icon beside Pay
  3. In the How often do you pay [employee]?, hit the Edit icon. 
  4. Enter the correct pay period ending frequency.
  5. Check the Use this schedule for employees you add after [employee] box. 
  6. Choose an option if the schedule will be updated for all employees listed. 
  7. Hit Continue and tap Done.


For Payroll Enhanced:


  1. Go to Settings, then select Payroll Settings.
  2. Choose Pay Schedules.
  3. Locate the pay period you want to modify, then click Edit.
  4. Choose the correct date and entered all required data. 
  5. Tap OK.


For the complete steps, visit this article: Set up and manage payroll schedules.


But if you're correcting the pay period of a paycheck, this is currently unavailable. You can delete and recreate them instead as a workaround. To do this, let's pull up the Paycheck List report.


Here's how:


1. Go to the Reports menu, then type Paycheck List on the search bar.

2. Click the Funnel icon drop-down to pick a date.

3. Put a checkmark on the paychecks you need to erase, then tap Delete.


Once done, recreate them with the correct pay periods:


1. Go to the Workers menu, then select the Employees tab.

2. Hit Run payroll and choose an employee.

3. Enter the necessary information.

4. Select Preview payroll, then Submit payroll.


To know more about what can and can't be edited on a paycheck in QBO, you may check out this article: Edit or delete paychecks in Online Payroll.


Once done, you can now create paychecks for your employees using their updated pay schedules. This way, you'll be able to report their payroll and tax info to the appropriate agencies timely. 


I've also added an article about managing employee paychecks, information, forms, and other topics: QuickBooks Online Payroll Hub.


Let me know in the comment section if you have other concerns about editing employee's data. I'm always glad to help. Keep safe!

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