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How to void a paycheck and reissue

How to void a paycheck that was issued wrong
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QuickBooks Team

How to void a paycheck and reissue

Voiding a paycheck is so easy and I'm here to show you how, deanmailing.


QuickBooks allows you to void a direct deposit paycheck within the current quarter. In this process, the system will automatically recalculate your tax liabilities after a check has been voided or deleted.


You can follow the steps below to void a paycheck: 

  1. Select Workers from the sidebar menu.
  2. Click the Employees tab.
  3. Select the employee's name.
  4. Click the Paycheck List hyperlink.
  5. Choose the paychecks you want to void.
  6. Select Yes, then Continue. (We can only delete manual checks. Both manual and direct deposit checks can be voided.)
  7. Mark the box to confirm action.
  8. Select Void Paycheck.

Once done, you can recreate the paycheck


Although, there is no way to prevent the funds from being credited to the employee's account. Your best option is to send the void to Intuit before the start of payroll processing which begins at 5 p.m. Pacific time, 2 days prior to the paycheck date or on the day Intuit receives your payroll data. 


You can create a report of voided checks in QuickBooks Online. Please check this article for your reference: How To Create A Report of Voided Checks


Please touch base with us if you need help with voiding your paycheck. I'll always be right here to help you if you have other concerns. 

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