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payroll account management horrific customer services

One month ago, I called support about a small issue. As a result, support remotely gave directions to run my payroll 3 times. This resulted in our payroll limit being changed to $0! I have spent over 24 hours on the phone trying to get this fixed. Yes, I have resubmitted all the bank statements. We have used this payroll service for 10 years. The problem began Jan. 17. It is Feb. 17 now and I still can't run payroll. 


1-2 days I am told - it's been 4 weeks. QB support created this problem and seems unable to resolve it. 


We also submitted documents to have our old company name removed. Three weeks later nothing has changed.


I was on the phone, again remotely support had me go through steps to remove old employees as QB contacts and remove our old address. It was fixed, and now I login to see it back to the old names. All changes are gone! 


I am livid! How do you get in touch with someone that knows something? I currently have been on hold for 45 minutes while the support person "is checking on that". Where are superiors? Management? This is the most horrific customer service I have ever experienced.

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payroll account management horrific customer services

Hi there, @Kelly222. This isn't the impression I want you to have about QuickBooks products and services.
Rest assured that one of our administrators will contact you via private message to discuss further with your payroll issue.
If you have any other concerns about QuickBooks, feel free to post again in the Community. I'd be happy to assist you further. Keep safe. 

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payroll account management horrific customer services

No still no resolution. 

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