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payroll submission for direct deposit

How early in advance of the requested pay date can a direct deposit be sent?

QuickBooks Team

payroll submission for direct deposit

Good day to you, @mardoo.


Allow me to share some information about processing Direct Deposits (DD) in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Ideally, QuickBooks recommends processing your payroll before 5 PM, Pacific Time (PT) two banking days before the paycheck date. This is to ensure your employees get paid on time and for you to avoid any late fees and penalties.


To learn more about how DD works in QuickBooks, you can check out this article for reference: Send payroll and direct deposit paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.


I’ve also collected the article that you can use for guidance in paying your employees. Select the QuickBooks Desktop link in this article for the detailed steps: How do I create a paycheck for an employee?


Know that I’ll be around in case you have other questions about DD and with regards to QBDT. Leave a reply in this thread and I sprint back into action. Keep safe.

Level 1

payroll submission for direct deposit

Thank you. I understand the "two banking days before," but can it be like 5 banking days before? Like really early? What's the earliest?

QuickBooks Team

payroll submission for direct deposit

Let me add a few details, Mardoo.


You can submit your payroll five banking days before the check date. The earliest time you can send the direct deposit is 45 days before the check date. 


Once you're ready, you can submit the payroll to Intuit.


If you have other payroll concerns, you're always welcome to post in the Community. Take care!

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