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Dec 29 vacation day

Dec 29 vacation day is paid in second check of 2019. Is it 2018 or 2019 vacation day?

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Dec 29 vacation day

Welcome to Community UK. I can see that you are using the US product so I will transfer your query to our US support team to assist you further.

QuickBooks Team

Dec 29 vacation day

Hello, @dbobowes.


I'll be happy to explain what year vacation days would apply to.


For tax purposes, any money paid to employees is applied to the year of the pay date. So since the paydate for December 29th would be included in 2019, it would apply to taxes for 2019 quarter 1.


If you are referring to hours for an employee that would apply for the day the payroll is ran for, so December 29th in this example.


Please let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be here.

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Dec 29 vacation day

I have the same question basically. 

I have employees using vacation time for Dec 26, 27, 28 which will be paid on their January 4th paycheck.  If i have vacation time reset each year on Jan 1, will this vacation time be taken from their 2018 or 2019 vacation???? I need to know if the reset date is for the purpose of the actual work week or the paycheck week?????  I can extend the date to reset on the 5th if the system will reset everyones time on the 1st since they are using their 2018 vacation.

Kristine Mae
QuickBooks Team

Dec 29 vacation day

Good question, tinaphcr.


To ease your confusion, the vacation time will be taken from 2018. If the accrual is annual, it's based on the calendar date regardless if it's a work week or within the paycheck week. You no longer need to reset the date. The system will use the 2018 accrued hours left for the year. 


You can check this article to know more about vacation/sick pay: Set up sick or vacation pay in Online Payroll.


Tag me if you have further questions. I'm just around. 

QuickBooks Team

Dec 29 vacation day

Hey, @tinaphcr.


Thanks for messaging me. I tried to respond to your private message but it appears you have private messages turned off.


I'll be happy to help make sure your employee's vacation time is accrued properly. 


The amount will be deducted from the available bucket on the paydate. So for instance, in your scenario, it will deduct from the 2019 balance because the paydate will be after Jan 1st. 


If you'd prefer the hours to come out of the 2018 bucket, contact support here to have the bucket manually updated so they have their full hours for 2019.


For more information on this, click here


Please remember, I'm always here for any other questions or concerns.

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Dec 29 vacation day



I understood vacation to work as you described, but the response from Kristine Mae seems to contradict this. To clarify, if the check date is in 2019 it counts towards 2019 vacation time, regardless of the fact that this is payroll for the week prior? This has always been an issue for us and we've resorted to paying out any remaining vacation in the last payroll of December even though some of that vacation will actually be used in the last week (first week of January payroll). Shew, this gets confusing!



QuickBooks Team

Dec 29 vacation day

Thank you for joining this thread, rebeccab.


I can share some insights to clarify the accrual process of vacation in QuickBooks.


I'd agree to both with you, and SterlingD. The vacation accrual follows the pay date of the check issued. So, the Dec 29th vacation day will be posted on its payday 2019.


Let me know if you have other concerns or questions about payroll. I'm here to answer them all for you. Wishing you all the best. 

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