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Quickbooks sucks. I need to file my quarterly forms

I just need to file the f**king forms. Quickbooks sucks
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Quickbooks sucks. I need to file my quarterly forms

Are you in Rhode Island? because my form is wrong for TDI. And I was on the phone for 2 hours last night. still not fixed. Got an email last night, saying it would be fixed within 3 days. Still not fixed this morning. I called this morning and asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he would put a request in for me. Told me that a supervisor would call me back in 24 hours. I said the form has to be postmarked by 4/30/22. I told him for the money I pay each month, the form should be correct. They had 3 months to fix it.

Last night, I had to send them "proof" of the rate, even though Quickbooks knows the correct rate, because they have been deductin the correct rate from paychecks each week. They just didn't update the form. I mean - how hard is it?


Quickbooks sucks. I need to file my quarterly forms

Hello, becky85.


I'd like to check this for you and get it taken care of myself. However, the Community can provide answers and troubleshooting solutions to certain questions, there are things that only our phone support can do to resolve the problem.

I know you've already called in, however, I'd still suggest getting in touch with our QuickBooks Support to have this re-investigated. All payroll forms-related concerns need to be directed to our phone support for security purposes.

Please be reminded that our Support Team is available from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM on weekdays, and 6:00 AM till 3:00 PM on Saturdays. To ensure we address your concern on time, check out our support hours. Here's how to contact us:


1. Click the Help (?) icon.

2. Choose Contact Us.

3. Enter a  brief description of your situation in the What can we help you with? area, then click Let's talk.

4. You'll be presented with a few options for connecting with Intuit. Select Chat with us.


You might find the following article interesting. This will provide you with steps on how to file and pay for your taxes electronically: Pay and file payroll taxes and forms in Online Payroll.


I'm always here to keep helping if you have any other concerns. Have a nice day!

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Quickbooks sucks. I need to file my quarterly forms

Hi Rose-A


I did call again this morning after I waited on the phone for 2 hours "while they were fixing it". When I called again this morning, I was told that "they are still fixing it". I do not think it should take this long to fix it. Not if the correct person is trying to fix it. I realize that the guy who answers the phone who is working remotely is not the one who fixes it. It has supposedly already been sent on the the "team" that deals with such problems.

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Quickbooks sucks. I need to file my quarterly forms

Hi  - I just went through this process myself and the issue was with the Accountant view vs the Business view.  Switch to the Business view under your settings gear icon (it's in bottom left corner of the settings menu on mine).  This allowed me to view and print archived tax items.  Under the accountant view there were no options - I couldn't even view them.  


Quickbooks sucks. I need to file my quarterly forms

Thank you for joining this thread, AStevensVT.


I can guide you through the steps on where to view and print archived tax items using the Accountant view. Please follow the steps I've outlined below.


  1. Go to Taxes, then Payroll Tax.
  2. Proceed to the Filings tab, then go to Archived forms.
  3. Select the form you want to view.
  4. Click View.


You can use this article as a reference in accessing payroll tax data: Learn how to view payroll tax payments and forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll.


In case some of your payroll forms aren't on the list, I suggest contacting our Payroll Team. They can archive those forms and let you view them again on your account.


Since you already know about the two ways to display your QuickBooks account, you may want to know when to use them. I've added this article as your reference: Switch between Business and Accountant view in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to click the Reply button and share your additional payroll concerns. I'm always glad to help you.

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