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Re: Summarize Payroll Data in Excel

I think Microsoft has maybe caused the issue..seems they should be looking into solutions as well.  The quarterly UI report seems to be a huge help to us payroll admins..

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Re: Summarize Payroll Data in Excel

HEY HEADS UP-WORK AROUND FOUND just wanted to share for all Payroll Admins 


Go to 'Employees' , 'Payroll Tax Forms & W2s' then 'Tax Form Worksheets In Excel'


This will give you the figures you need for filing your state UI Quarterly returns! 

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Re: Summarize Payroll Data in Excel

I dont own a previous verson

QuickBooks Team

Re: Summarize Payroll Data in Excel

Hello vrancourt,


Thank you for reaching back to us here in the Community. Allow me to assist you and provide additional information about exporting payroll data into Excel from QuickBooks Desktop.


Currently, the supported Microsoft Office version for QuickBooks is 2016 and previous versions. To check on what options you have, I recommend reaching out to the Microsoft Support from the link I'm adding down below:


I also recommend bookmarking the article about the system requirements for the QuickBooks program. Any updates will show under the Software Compatibility sections of this support link:


QuickBooks Desktop system requirements.


As always, please let me know if I can be of additional assistance with using Excel for QuickBooks. Cheering you to a wonderful week ahead.