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Summarize Payroll Data & Excel Templates for QB

QB Premier Desktop Enhance Payroll

Neither the original Summarize Payroll Data template (which still runs with errors after a year), or some community updates properly catch the Trans ID, which I presume is Trans # field in QB.  How to fix, either by adding Trans ID in QB, or Trans # in the excel template?


Also, if you add the Trans ID in Employee Journal in the payroll data section, if gives different numbers than if you add it in the employee/check section.


Lastly, is there a good reference/book/kindle that explains how to write custom .xlt templates for QB, and how to integrate.

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Summarize Payroll Data & Excel Templates for QB

Just to add to excel templates.  I don't need customization of QB reports; these are very limited.  I need (or want to just write from scratch) something more along the lines of the Summarize Payroll Data Excel Template, where I can access all the raw QB data and pick fields on my own.  It's not easy matching up trans IDs (which are unique), with payroll period, IRS liabilities, QB deposits, gross earnings, etc.  On the other hand, the Summarize Payroll Data Excel Template as nice as it is feels like overkill with the use of pivot tables, but this visual basic code is locked with a password.


So a reference text for this, or some examples of .xlt and how to incorporate and access QB data is what I am looking for, since current versions of Summarize Payroll Data Excel do not add the Trans # properly.  Also, if you add some fields like Paid Through, it does not give the date, but only the month.  wierd.  I've not been able to find yet anything in QB, Amazon, or good search on this, so I need the correct search phrase for writing .xlt templates for QB.

QuickBooks Team

Summarize Payroll Data & Excel Templates for QB

Hi there, BcE3.


May I ask if you received a specific error while Summarize Payroll Data in Excel? If you encounter QB_Payroll_Link.xlt error, this has been reported as an ongoing issue. Our product engineers are investigating this behavior to get this fixed as soon as possible.


As a workaround, run the report from previous quarters, and then when asked to update select "yes" and it is able to pull all the data correctly. If that does not work, a clean install of QB and Excel are possible fixes.


I'd also suggest contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Support Team, so they can add you to our notification list. This will help our engineers determine the number of affected users. You'll also receive an update through email once this has been resolved.


Here's how:


  1. Press F1 to open the Help window.
  2. From the search icon, type Contact Support.
  3. Click Contact us at the bottom part.
  4. Give a brief description of your issue about Summarize Payroll Data template and click the Search button.
  5. You'll be routed with How to connect with a QuickBooks expert and you choose Message an Agent to allows you to chat directly with a support agent.


On the other hand, I'd suggest ensuring your payroll tax table is updated to the latest release. This way, you'll be to guarantee that you have the updated payroll data in your software and stay up to date. With this, this could be the reason the software gives different numbers once you add the Trans ID in Employee Journal in the payroll data section. If the issue persists, you'll need to make sure that your Excel version is updated.


Lastly, you can visit our QuickBooks Desktop's App Center so you can scan and choose the app that suits your needs that allows you to write custom .xlt templates for QuickBooks. Then, contact their support on how you can integrate this app in QBDT.


Please refer to this article to see different information about several Excel reports available in QuickBooks and how to generate them: Excel based payroll reports.


Please let me know if you have other concerns about QuickBooks. I'm just a comment away. Have a great rest of your day.

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