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Supervisor Call Back

I am at my wits end with QuickBooks!


My issues date back to August 2021, when I personally found a $17,000 overpayment on my quarterly 941 tax payment. 
Since then I have donated 73 hours on the phone with QuickBooks trying to get this worked out. 
Most recently on Dec 17th QB finally admitted that the $17,000 overpayment was an error on their end, but that I was on my own for trying to get it back from the IRS. 
The most frustrating part is that every phone call you get someone else, they ask a million questions only to say “I can put in a request for a supervisor call back”. 
I have been promises 3 call backs in the past 7 days, yet no one ever seems to call back. 
It is a vicious circle of uneducated staff members not knowing how to follow through with protocol.


What is needed to get a manager call back?  What is needed to be able to deal with ONE representative with regards to these issues?  What is needed for the support people who answer the 1800 number to tell the truth when they say someone will call back. 

5 months after finding the $17,000 error, and I am no closer to being able to get a refund for QuickBooks errors. 

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Supervisor Call Back

I can imagine the hurdle you've been through trying to fix this, BLOWS. I'll make it up to you by making sure you'll get the urgent help you need.

I see that you've been promised a supervisor callback within 24-48 hours, and you should be able to get one today. Please let us know if you don't hear from our support team by 5 PM PST. This way, we can come up with the best action to do next.

Shoot me a reply should you need any other QuickBooks help. We're just around to assist you.

Level 2

Supervisor Call Back

Well, well, well…here we are again with another empty promise. 
5pm (pst) has come and gone without a phone call.
This is the 4th time I’ve been told a supervisor would call….yet it’s the same old store. 
False promises and lies!


Why does QB insists on lying and stealing my time from me?

I am trying to run a business, yet you insist I continued to have to keep chasing you down for help fixing a $17,000 overpayment that was caused by YOU!

Please let me know if you’d like screenshots of the emails that the other reps sent to me promising me a return call. 


Level 2

Supervisor Call Back

Tick tock, tick tock.....10:15est Monday morning, and still no call.


Lovely customer service over there at Quickbooks!

QuickBooks Team

Supervisor Call Back

This isn't the kind of service I want you to experience with us, @BLOWS.


I understand the importance of seamlessly running your business. I'll make it up to you by ensuring you get the best support available so this gets taken care of right away. 


I recommend contacting our support team. I know you've already contacted them, however, it is best to reach out to them again. One of our agents can look into your account further assist you with your refund. 


You can also provide them your previous case numbers so they check on them and provide you with an update.


I've also added this link for reference in case you want to view and print your past forms and payments: Access payroll tax forms and tax payments.


You can always count on me if you need more help with your tax payments or with QuickBooks. Please don't hesitate to leave the details in your reply. I'm always here to back you up. Keep safe!

Level 2

Supervisor Call Back



Your soloution is for me to keep calling customer service?  I have been calling them since AUGUST!   I have been told 4 times in 7 days that someone would be calling me back and it never happens.


Every time I call customer support, it takes an hour for me to explain everything and then put in a request for a call back.    I am trying to run a business!  I didn't ask for you guys to OVERPAY my 941 tax payment by $17,000, but you did, and now I am left here trying to fight to get it back, with no help from you!


Think about it....if YOU are struggling to find someone to call me back, how the hell am I suppose to find someone to call me back?

Level 2

Supervisor Call Back

What is the status of this call back??

Level 2

Supervisor Call Back

Apparently, you aren't getting one. I've been asking for one for months. First time here on the forums though. I'm making a youtube video on the bulls@#$ QuickBooks is putting our business through.

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