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Jen Q
Level 2

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

There's something wrong with the Vendor Employer Identification Number field in QB Payroll. I keep receiving an "Invalid Value" message when typing in the number. It's even showing the same error message for vendors already in the system.
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QuickBooks Team

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

Hi there, Jen Q.


I'd like to help in entering the vendor's tax identification number in QuickBooks Online.


I've just check our system and we haven't receive any reports of the same unusual behavior. We can perform troubleshooting steps to fix it and to make sure there's no underlying browser issues.


We can start by accessing your QuickBooks Online account through a private window. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to open a private window for browsers:


  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge - press CTRL + Shift + N.
  • Mozilla Firefox - press CTRL + Shift + P.
  • Safari - press Command + Shift + N.


If you're able to add a tax identification number to one of your vendors, then that's good. You can go back to your regular browsing window and clear some cache. This process will remove outdated and corrupted internet files that's causing some minor browsing issues.


You may also check out other supported browsers that works best with QuickBooks Online.


Let me know how it goes by clicking the Reply button below. Have a wonderful day.

Jen Q
Level 2

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

None of your suggested solutions worked.  I even logged in on a different computer to ensure it wasn't an issue with my firewall and antivirus software.  Is there a way I can send a secure screenshot?

QuickBooks Team

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

Hello there, Jen Q.

Thanks for letting us know the result after following the steps shared by my colleague. Let me share an alternative solution to get past the Invalid Value error.

Before proceeding, I’m here to provide some information about the issue you’re experiencing. The error mentioned above is already reported to our engineers. They’re all hands on deck working to resolve this one as soon as possible. This is to ensure customers can input the vendor’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the Contractor Center smoothly.

We encourage all affected users to get in touch with our QuickBooks Online (QBO) Care Team. This is to ensure you’ll receive email updates about the investigation (INV-64606).

In the meantime, enter your vendor’s EIN in the Vendor Information screen instead of the Contractor Center. I’m here to help you can do this task smoothly.

Here’s how:


  1. In QuickBooks Online (QBO), tap the Expenses menu on the left panel and choose Vendors.
  2. From the list, click on the vendor’s name you’re working on to see more details.
  3. Click the Edit button in the upper right to open the Vendor Information window.
  4. Navigate to the Business ID No. / Social Security No. field and type the EIN from there.edit ein.png
  5. Press the Save button.


This reference provides more in-depth information about managing your contractors’ information: Add, edit and inactivate contractors. From there, you’ll learn how to enter a vendor in the Payroll or Expenses menu.

For additional resources, you can browse this article: Edit, delete and restore list elements. It provides instructions on how to restore, modify, and remove a customer, vendor, or list.

Reach out to me again if you still have questions on how to add your vendor’s EIN. I’m more than happy to answer them for you. Have a great rest of your day.

Jen Q
Level 2

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

Hello Rosa-LilaM,


Thank you for your response.  I am working in QB Payroll Core which does not have an Expenses menu item.


It is very reassuring, however, to hear that your engineers are now aware of the problem.  I have spent the past 2+ days on the phone, much of it on hold, being bounced from one unhelpful department to another.  Adding to my frustration is the fact that I keep receiving surveys asking whether I would recommend QB to others.  My answer at this point is a resounding "NO!".  If the survey scale went lower than 0, I would choose -10..  Please keep me apprised of the engineers' progress on fixing the problem.

Jen Q
Level 2

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

Hi Rasa-LilaM,


Please give me an update on this.  I am still unable to add or change a contractor's EIN number in Payroll Core.

QuickBooks Team

The Vendor EIN field is returning and Invalid Value message

Thanks for following up with the Community, Jen Q. I'd be more than happy to provide you with an update about our investigation.


I've reviewed the record (INV-64606) mentioned by Rasa-LilaM and can confirm the investigation's still ongoing. Intuit's Product Investigations team is working diligently towards a solution.


In the meantime, if you haven't yet, I'd recommend getting in touch with our Customer Care team and requesting to be added to the case as an affected user. This helps Intuit better understand how many subscribers are impacted by the error. It also ensures that you'll receive email notifications about any updates relating to the investigation.


If you contact our Customer Care team again and are somehow connected to the wrong team, be sure to inform the agent you're working with that you're subscribed to a QuickBooks Online Payroll Core plan. This will help them better understand where to route your call or chat to.


The Community will be here to help if there's any additional questions. Have a lovely day!

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