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vacation hours on paycheck stub

I was recently forced to upgrade to Quickbooks 2019 from 2016.  The previous paycheck was created using 2016 and on the employee paycheck stub it showed the hours of vacation used for the current pay period and the hours used YTD and the hours still available.  On the current paycheck using Quickbooks 2019 the paycheck stub has a section title Vacation and under that it has "Current" and YTD.  The problem is the current line does not show the current used hours.  It shows the available hours.  It also shows the YTD used hours but no hours in the Current Used space.   Under Earnings and Hours it has the vacation listed but not under the Vacation section of the pay stub.  In the 2016 version the Current Used hours were listed. 

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vacation hours on paycheck stub

Hello there, SWFannin.


Thanks for checking in with us today.


There is an ongoing investigation about this issue when paying bills using an existing credit.


I recommend you give us a quick call so we can add your company information to the list of affected users. This way, it'll be easier to disseminate updates of the investigation.


You can reach them through this link: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.


I also suggest you provide this investigation number INV-30055 to the representative as a reference.


Stay in touch and updated for any progress about this investigation. We appreciate your patience. Let me know if there's anything I can help. I'll be around.

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