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Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

I use QB Pro Desktop 2016 (Windows) on IMAC OS Mojave using VMWare's Fusion Pro 11 virtual machine.  For my financial purposes, I find the Windows software version superior to Mac version for both QB and Quicken.  Isolation and Sharing are both configured to allow seamless interaction between VMWare Windows and IMAC.  It's been a successful work setup since 2013.  My current problem is only with Quickbooks, not Quicken.


For very particular reasons, I have always kept my QB and Quicken data files stored on the IMAC side instead of in the virtual machine.   Using "Shared Files," I simply opened my data files with the Windows software in the virtual window.  It used to work seamlessly with both.   And it still works great with Quicken.  But not with QB anymore.  PROBLEM: Updates in 2018 with QB caused a new "unexpected error" (Error Code 80004005).  Occasionally, I can still open a QB company file from the IMAC side...the error happens intermittently.  Usually, I have to now copy the QB company files into the VMWare Windows side to successfully open the file to do my work. Strangely, I have no issues consistently backing up my data file to the IMAC side...only with OPENING a data file from the IMAC side.


Does anyone else use a virtual machine for a similar purpose, have the same type of issues, or have a clue about the QB update changes that might be causing data file issues between Mac OSX and a virtual machine?  If fixable, I prefer to keep my permanent data files outside of the virtual window.  Appreciate any feedback.

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QuickBooks Team

Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

Hello there, @nkhuval.


Allow me to share some information on how does the integration with QuickBooks Desktop Mac and VMWare's Fusion Pro 11 virtual machine works.


One factor to consider why you're getting the error is due to the compatibility of QuickBooks with your device. Here's the minimum system requirements for QuickBooks Mac 2016:

  • QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R5 or earlier- Mac OS 10.10.2 (Yosemite), Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R6 or later- macOS X v10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 (High Sierra), Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan), and Mac OS X v10.12 (Sierra)
  • Intel Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher
  • Multi-user Server: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor to run server
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended)
  • 250 MB of available disk space
  • CD/DVD drive (or Internet connection) for installation
  • Printer: 100% Macintosh-compatible printer if you plan to print invoices, checks, deposit slips, lists, purchase orders, mailing labels, reports, or graphs
  • Checks: Use Intuit Checks if you plan to print checks. Canadian Image Ready Cheques are not supported
  • Product registration required. 

You can check out our Community page for the list of updates,  improvements, and fixes made to  QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2016.


On the other hand, since you've been getting the error prompt intermittently then there might be a possible data damage on the file. To avoid getting this error, let's perform the following troubleshooting steps:


  • Update QuickBooks Mac to its latest version
  • Verify the integrity of the company file
    1. Go to File.
    2. Choose Utilities.
    3. Click on Verify Data.
  • Safe Boot
    1. Reboot your device.
    2. Press the Power button.
    3. Press and hold the Shift key until you see your Desktop.
    4. Access QuickBooks and perform the same task you were trying to complete.
  • Add New Mac OS user
    1. Go to System Preferences.
    2. Choose the Users & Groups icon.
    3. Click the + button to add a new user with Administrator permissions.
    4. Log in with this new user.
    5. Open QuickBooks, then try to reproduce the issue.

That should do it! Also, you can reinstall QuickBooks for Mac using clean install if the basic uninstall and reinstall process does not work.


If the issue persists, I'd recommend contacting the Customer Care Team for VMWare's Fusion Pro 11 virtual machine. They have tools to look up your account and verify the connection between QuickBooks and VMWares Fusion.


Feel free to click the Reply button if you have other questions about the performance of QuickBooks when integrated with a Third party app.I’d be happy to answer all your inquiries. 

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Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

Hi JuVielL,

I appreciate the reply so quickly--very much.  I want to clarify one point--and maybe I misunderstood your reply--but my QB software is the Windows version (operating within the VMWare virtual machine), not the MAC version.  The VMWare virtual window is specifically required to operate the QB Windows software on the Mac computer.  


Otherwise, I believe all of my system requirements for the Mac OSX exceed the minimums.

QuickBooks Team

Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

Appreciate your prompt response, @nkhuval.


VMWare’s Fusion Pro 11 is a third-party software that allows you to access windows typed software in your MAC device. Running QuickBooks Desktop for Windows in a virtual machine is not really advisable. Since this may affect the performance of QuickBooks while navigating on it. QuickBooks do have a specific version that is designed solely for Mac, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Since your Mac device and QuickBooks is updated and still you’re prompted with an error, I’d recommend consulting with your IT professional and check how the software were setup.


Let me know how it works on your end.

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Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

Thanks for continuing to look at this issue with me! 


My VMWare Fusion software is specifically designed to do this run Windows-based software in a virtual machine on a Mac computer.  Parallels and Boot Camp do exactly the same thing.  I researched all of this heavily in 2013 before I bought my first Mac computer.  I've used Windows-based Quickbooks/Quicken software since 2000 (on a Windows computer).  Before I changed permanently to a Mac computer in 2013, I researched the Mac-based software (Quickbooks for Mac).  I determined from user reviews that (for my needs) I needed to stay with the Windows-based software for my financials.  Thus, a virtual machine was required, and I chose VMWare Fusion.  It has worked exactly as designed for 5 years, even through all of the upgrades & updates with Intuit, VMWare and Apple softwares.  


My system is a stand-alone desktop computer.  My Quickbooks software is a direct download and standard install from my Intuit account.  I am the IT professional. :-)


The likely answer is simply a security-feature change in software---Intuit, Windows, or Apple causing a "handshake" conflict between the virtual machine and the Mac when I try to open a QB company file from the Mac side.  Since the conflict began occurring in late 2018 after I did a QB program security update, I assumed that change caused the conflict.  I'd hoped that subsequent QB updates would fix the conflict, but so far that has not happened.  The conflict occurred around the same time that Intuit began requiring a file password on my company files because of PII contained in my data files.


I have done a fresh install of Quickbooks, as you suggested.  My softwares (Intuit, Windows & Mac) are all completely updated.  I use the required passwords on each company's file.  Everything works long as my QB files are located within the virtual machine.  


Since you were the only response to my questions, I assume no one else on the forum has worked with my particular setup.  I know there are other setups (Cloud-based, online servers, etc.) that could be used, but I have found this one is perfect for my needs and I hoped to fix this one issue.  


I appreciate your suggestions.

QuickBooks Team

Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

Thank you for getting back to us here in the Community, @nkhuval.


Allow me to join the thread and help share additional information about the integration with QuickBooks Desktop Mac and VMWare virtual machine.


As mentioned by my colleague juVielL, VWWare's Fusion Pro 11 allows you to access window typed software in your MAC device, however, running QuickBooks Desktop for Windows in a virtual machine isn't really advisable.


To run QuickBooks Desktop for Windows in a virtual machine successfully, I suggest sending feedback/product request straight to our product developers/engineers. 


To send your feedback:

  1. Go to Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Select Send Feedback Online.
  3. Click on Product Suggestion.

Don't hesitate to add a post/comment if you have any other concerns about running QuickBooks, I'll be right here to help. Wishing you the best!

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Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

I thank you all for your time and your suggestions.


QuickBooks Team

Using QB Pro Desktop 2016 in VMWare virtual machine

You're always welcome to come by the Community, @nkhuval.


If you need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out to us. The QuickBooks Team is here to help. Have a good one!

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