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Adding auto markup

Im using quickbooks deskto pro, I enter my bills and code them as billable,  then  when i invoice them they autoatically populate, i have selected to mark up each item 10%. Quickbooks adds a seperate line with a subtotal then the 10% amount. I Want to add 10% to each individual line automatically and not have it show.  This is easily done in a estimate but cant find a way to do in on a invoice or billables. i dont think anyone wants a seperate line showing the customer how much markup they charge, and if u turn off printing that line it leaves the 10% dollar amount on a line with no explanation. Any way arund this?


Adding auto markup

Good day, chris29945.


I appreciate the screenshot you've provided. Let me share some information regarding adding automatic markup on your transactions. 


Right now, adding markup to each individual line is currently unavailable and there's no way to remove it on your invoice screen when creating the transaction.


However, you can select the option to Print selected item and cost as one invoice item to hide the markup when sending the invoice or bills to your customers.



Also, you might want to set a default markup percentage by going to the Edit>Preferences (Time & Expenses) setting.



In case you want to know some "How do I" steps in QuickBooks Desktop, you can always visit our Help Articles page for reference.


Feel free to drop me a reply below if you have any other questions about markups on QuickBooks. I'd be glad to help you out. Have a good one.

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Adding auto markup

Hello, I have a contract with a government agency who needs to see the following columns on the invoice:

Unit Price, Quantity, Cost, Markup Amount and Total for each line item on the invoice.  I have tried creating inventory items with markup, but I can't figure out how to make the markup show on the invoice.  It seems alot of people are asking how to remove it from the invoice but I want to add it to the invoice as a column.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

QuickBooks Team

Adding auto markup

Good day, SamT.


Thanks for joining the thread.


In QuickBooks Desktop, the markup will only reflect in the invoice if you created a billable expense/bill using an expense account. It won't be separated if you used an item.


As a workaround, you can enter the markup as a separate item. You can set up a non-inventory or service item and add it to the invoice. 

  1. Go to the Lists menu and select Item List.
  2. Click Item > New > Service or Non-inventory Part.
  3. Enter the required details and click on OK.

Then, add it as a separate line item when creating an invoice. I've added this link if you need help in customizing forms in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please comment again if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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