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Cannot send invoice by email

Just upgraded to QB Desk Top Pro 2019. Now can not email invoices. It gives me a list of possible errors. Any body else have this trouble. I have spent a lot of time trying to fix this and am getting pretty fustrated with QB.


Cannot send invoice by email

Welcome to the Community, UDS  and Kayra B.

Let me lend a helping hand with emailing invoices via QuickBooks Desktop.


There are a few possible reasons why this is happening:


  • The email preference being set incorrectly.
  • A damaged QuickBooks installation.
  • Domain admin was blocked.
  • Account security settings from your email provider.

To better isolate the issue, as an initial step, let's make sure your QuickBooks Desktop software is in its latest release.  Once done, you can check the web mail's settings in the preferences.


Here's how:


  1. At the top menu bar, click Edit.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Click Send Forms on the left panel.
  4. Under My Preferences tab, select the email account you're using.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Mark the SSL box, or just select Default.
  7. In the Server Name field, make sure the server name matches your email provider's settings.

You can check out these recommended articles for more details:


Feel free to let me know if you still need help with emailing invoice via QuickBooks Desktop. I'm here to help.

Level 1

Cannot send invoice by email

Still can not send invoices by email. Have tried everything I know to do and everything that people have told me to try on here. Still wont do it.

QuickBooks Team

Cannot send invoice by email

Hi @UDS,


Thank you for trying out the steps given by my colleague. Allow me to provide some details and help you from there.


When emailing your invoices, are you using Office 365? If so, there's currently an ongoing investigation about user being unable to email their invoices. Our engineers have given a few reasons for receiving errors.


Here are some of the possible reasons why you're getting an error and unable to email them:

  • An incorrect email setting.
  • A damaged MAPI32.dll file.
  • QuickBooks is running as administrator.
  • A damaged QuickBooks installation.
  • A damaged Outlook installation.
  • Outlook is open in the background when sending email through QuickBooks.

To fix these errors, you'll first need to check if QuickBooks is not running as an administrator. Here's how:

  1. Right-click QuickBooks icon, then select Properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility Tab.
  3. Deselect Run this program as Administrator. Note that if the Run this program as Administrator button is grayed out, then first select the Show Settings for All Users.
  4. Select Okay.
  5. Exit, then restart QuickBooks.

If your still unable to send your invoices, you may refer to this article for other steps: Error: QuickBooks is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook.


Also, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Support so they can add you on the list of affected users. This way, you'll be able to receive email updates about the issue. Here's how you can contact them:

  1. On your QuickBooks account, press F1 on your keyboard.
  2. Click on Contact Us.
  3. Enter your concern and click on Start a Message.

However, if you're not using Office 365 in sending your invoices, you may need to check for QuickBooks updates and make sure that you're up to date.


Please let me know if you have other concerns about emailing your invoices. I'll be around to help.

Level 1

Cannot send invoice by email

I so know the feeling and then told 

One Time Fix: $299.99

6 Months Support: $499.99

2 years support+ No charges for any kind of support(Either it is chargeable or not)+ QB Pro(2020 & 2022 will be free)+ Premium Customer : $1499.99

I am so sick of more money please.



Cannot send invoice by email

I appreciate you checking in with us, LaciLadi1.


You'll have unlimited access to 24/7 support with our QuickBooks Care Plan. The one-time support will be less than the amount you've mentioned. 


Prices of each plan are as follows:




As a reference, you can check out this article that will provide more information: Care Plans for QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Mac.


Please know that our product developers are committed to developing straightforward financial tools, and making QuickBooks better and easier to use every release.


If there's anything else you need, I'm here for you. You're able to stay in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

Level 1

Cannot send invoice by email

Once we upgraded to Quickbooks Pro 2019 desktop we have not been able to email invoices as we were for the past 10 years with every other previous version. I have tried EVERYTHING written here and inside QB help to no avail. About 8 hours spent cumulatively and I am so frustrated. I need help. We use gmail. We use AVAST. We us MOZILLA. Everything else has been adjusted reviewed, allowed Google access to QB, unshielded in AVAST, now what?????

QuickBooks Team

Cannot send invoice by email

Let's ensure you'll be able to email your invoices successfully, @8677.


As mentioned by my colleagues above, there are lots of possible reasons why you're unable to email invoices through QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). Your email preference might not be set up correctly or a damaged QuickBooks/Outlook installation.


If you've already tried following the steps provided and the problem continues, I recommend getting in touch with our QuickBooks Support Team. This way, they'll be able to check and investigate this further securely.


For the support's contact information, you can check it here: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.


In case you have any other QuickBooks concerns in the future, you can always check our help articles: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Just add a comment below if you have further concerns about emailing invoices, I'll be right here to help you. Have a great day ahead!

Level 3

Cannot send invoice by email

I am having the ame issue with Gmail, is has worked more or less fine but since I signed up for QB Payments it is not allowing me to send email invoices. I sign in, try and send the email invoice like I alwasy have but now it always says in the 'Webmail Authorization' window that pops up "Couldn't sign you in" but I'm already signed in so what gives? Plus I don't want to be signed in just to send an email, I didn't use to have to be.  How do we make this work?   I have invoices I have to send now!


Cannot send invoice by email

I appreciate you bringing this to my attention, @APL.


Since you're getting the Webmail Authorization prompt, you'll need to allow this and set it up in QuickBooks.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Edit menu on your QuickBooks and select Preferences.
  2. Choose Send Forms.
  3. Select Web Mail and click Add.
  4. Choose your provider from the drop-down and enter your email address.
  5. Select the Use Enhanced Security checkbox and select OK
  6. Then sign in to your Intuit account when prompted. 

You'll be able to send your invoice once the whole process is done. For other things you'll need to know, please click this article link: Connect your email to QuickBooks Desktop.


Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need further help. Take care and have a good one.

Level 3

Cannot send invoice by email

I already have it set up in QuickBooks as well as I have already tried it, I have deleted and re-added my email in the Web Mail page you are referring to. I click ok then the sign in window pops up, I type my Intuit password in, then the same Web Authorization page pops up wanting my gmail password, I type that in and next it says “Couldn’t sign you in” and “This browser or app may not be secure.” What App? And I have both internet explorer and Chrome on my PC, how do I make sure QB only uses Chrome as I am not seeing that anywhere?

Level 3

Cannot send invoice by email

So I had to go into my google account and turn on “Allow less secure apps” and now my email invoicing seems to work.

Why all of a sudden does google consider QB a less secure app? Please fix this so I can turn off “Allow less secure apps” in my google account. I do not see an option to only allow QB.


Cannot send invoice by email

Good job that you're able to email your invoices, APL.


Let me provide additional insights about the "Less secure apps" set by Google. 


Every software has its own security measures. This is to protect your account safely. QuickBooks doesn't have control over the security standard set by Google.  


You can learn more information on how to fix webmail issues in this article: Fix webmail password issues in QuickBooks Desktop.


If you have any other QuickBooks related concerns, please feel free to post them anytime here. We're always here to help you out.

Level 3

Cannot send invoice by email

Yes, I am well aware you have no control over Google, but you do have control over QuickBooks. If Google security standards consider QB an insecure app than you could change whet ever programming it is on your end you need to, to meet google security standards. People do not pay the price you charge for an insecure app!


So why did it change all of a sudden? Did Google just change the security standards? Or did QB change something on that end? I am not going to leave my Google settings open to allow insecure apps access when I have never had to in the past simply to send invoices through QB.


If you do not think this is an issue I will reconsider using QB in the future.

Douglas galvan
Level 1

Cannot send invoice by email

I already try the other steps to add or edit the email but I'm still receiving the same error message.


Cannot send invoice by email

Thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing some details on what have you done so far, @Douglas galvan,


The steps shared by my colleagues are possible solutions, however, if none works for you I would recommend getting in touch with our QuickBooks Support. Our representatives can create an investigation in regards to the email issue, and provide temporary workarounds to complete your work.


Here's how to contact our support:

  1. Go to your QuickBooks Homepage, then click the Help menu at the top.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help from the drop-down.
  3. Hit the Contact us icon.

Keep us updated on how the call goes as I want to make sure this is taken care of for you. I'm also here if you need additional help with another topic. Have a good one!

Pradip Shah
Level 1

Cannot send invoice by email



Cannot send invoice by email

Welcome to the Community, Pradip Shah.


Can you please provide details on what issues you're having with Quickbooks? That way, the Community team, and other users might be able to help you out. 


If you're trying to send an invoice via email and unable to send it, you may consider doing the recommended solutions provided above to fix this. However, if none of them works, I would suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Support team so they'll be able to investigate this further and troubleshoot it for you. 


Here's how to contact them:


  1. Go to Help, then choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Enter the details of the issue in the box, then click Continue.
  4. Select the best support option for you.

If you mean something else, please don't hesitate to post your questions anytime here. I'll be glad to assist you.

Level 1

Cannot send invoice by email

I, too, have attempted this over 15 times over several months and have no luck.  I just wrote the same word in feedback....FRUSTRATING. 


Cannot send invoice by email

Thanks for writing to us and sharing your feedback with us, @ChristiSadiq,


There are a few possible reasons why your email won't work in QuickBooks:


  • The email preference being set incorrectly.
  • Domain admin permissions.
  • Security settings from your email provider blocking Intuit processes.


To help you fix this, we want to make sure your QuickBooks Desktop software is in its latest release. QuickBooks periodically provides maintenance release and software updates to fix emailing issues, add features or enhancements, and update compliance information.


Try downloading the release patch from the internet, by following the steps below:


  1. Click this link Downloads & Updates.
  2. Add your location from the Select Country drop-down.
  3. On the Select Product drop-down, choose your QuickBooks Edition.
  4. Choose the version year of your product from the Select Version drop-down.
  5. Hit the Search button.
  6. In the Here’s your product section, click the Get the latest updates link.
  7. Click Save/Save File to download the update.
  8. Once downloaded, double-click the file to install the update.


If you're using web mail, check the settings in the Preferences window:


  1. At the top menu bar, click Edit then Preferences.
  2. Tap the Send Forms menu and go to My Preferences tab.
  3. Select the email account you're using, then press Edit.
  4. Mark the SSL box, or just select Default.
  5. In the Server Name field, make sure the server name matches your email provider's settings. If it shows for example, change the name and click OK.
  6. If you see an Use enhanced security box, ensure it has a check on it.


If you're getting an incorrect password error message, please follow the detailed steps in this article to resolve this: QuickBooks Will Not Accept my WebMail Password.


Once done, try sending the email again and see if goes through successfully. If not, let's delete and recreate your email profile. Here's an article with the complete steps on how to set up your email service in QuickBooks Desktop.


If all else fail, I recommend contacting one of our Technical Support Team. They have the tools necessary to check your company file and help you send invoices without issues.


Here's how to get support:


  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Tap the Contact us button.



Kindly update me on the results in the comment. I want to ensure everything is working well for you, and I'm here to provide further assistance and insights. Have a great day!

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