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Check Print Setup or Print Test Check

QuickBooks Desktop 2018


I bought a small business and have been using QB, but hand writing checks. They are almost gone and the previous owner bought check stock that is compatible with QB (not from QB) that I would like to start using.


I have searched for answers to my questions, but haven't found anything that directly addresses them.


1) How do I print a test check or reprint a check already issued to check for alignment and/or format?


2) Is it possible to modify the check alignment and how/where the data is printed?



QuickBooks Team

Check Print Setup or Print Test Check

Hi there, louisb.


Printing a test check or reprint a check already issued to check for alignment and or format, you can use coarse and fine adjustments.


Here's how for coarse alignment adjustments:


1. Click the File menu. Then choose Printer Setup.
2. From the Form Name drop-down menu, select Check/PayCheck.
3. In the Printer type drop-down arrow, select Continuous.
4. Hit the Align button at the right corner.
5. Select the Coarse button, and click OK on the Do Not Adjust Your Printer pop-up message to print a sample form.
6. Check the pointer line that QuickBooks printed across the middle of the sample, and note the number closest to the arrow points. Enter this number in the Pointer Line Position field and click OK. If necessary, QuickBooks advances the paper and prints another sample.
7. Take note in the printer alignment position on the test form for future reference.


Please check this article for the steps on how to make fine alignment adjustments: Align checks, invoices, and other forms for continuous-feed (dot matrix) printers.


Currency, QuickBooks doesn't have the option to modify the check alignment and how the data is printed. Its only available in sales forms.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 1

Check Print Setup or Print Test Check

I went to print my checks as always and the alignment is COMPLETELY OFF. I wen to the alignment of my Voucher style checks and tried to adjust it and QB is limited I cannot align checks Ive been using for years!! I went to my QB preferences thinking I needed an update. No, I am using the current version. I had to handwrite all my vendor checks today!!! Help!!!

QuickBooks Team

Check Print Setup or Print Test Check

Hi susyssm,


Thanks for sharing the steps you did to resolve the alignment issues when printing your check. I can see that this behavior has already affected your work and time. We'll help you check this out.


At this point, I would recommend contacting our  Support team since you've already performed the troubleshooting steps that we can share in the Community. They can start a screen-sharing session and may ask you to send some files like a picture of your check for further checking. They are available from 6 AM to 6 PM PT Monday to Friday and 6 AM to 3 PM PT on Saturdays.


On the other hand, the Community team is always available to help you, so feel free to ask questions or send suggestions anytime. You can also check some of our articles on the QuickBooks Support page or press F1 on your keyboard to launch the Help window and search for the topics you like.

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