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Conversion (export & import) from QBO to QBO tool

Trying to convert (export then import) the customer list and vendor list from one QBO subscription to a new QBO subscription.  No transactions are being converted.  Just these two lists.  It appears the QBO export feature is lacking, as in missing many fields, or combining fields that should not be combined.  (And the export spreadsheet isn't even in the same format as the import spreadsheet?????  What the heck!)  Is there a 3rd party tool that does this or do I just start making the adjustments between the two spreadsheets line by line, column by column? 

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Conversion (export & import) from QBO to QBO tool

Let me help with your question about moving data in QuickBooks Online, DRAccounting.


Importing customer and vendor list only moves customer info into the new account. It does not include the transactions that are attached to them. However, you can import invoices (EXCEL) and bank transactions (CSV) using a different process. Let me share these articles for more details on how this features work:


You can also check out these additional articles for more reference:


For third-party apps, we have a couple of accredited developers that offer importing services. Here's how to find one:


  1. Go to the Apps menu and proceed to the Find Apps tab.
  2. Click the drop-down list for Browse category and Sync Data.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again if you need anything else. 



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Conversion (export & import) from QBO to QBO tool


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