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Desktop Pro 2016 and Windows 11

I'm running Desktop Pro 2016 on Windows 10 and really don't have a need to upgrade Quickbooks at this time.  I would like to, however, upgrade to Windows 11.  Has anyone had success in running an older version of Quickbooks on Windows 11?  Many thanks

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QuickBooks Team

Desktop Pro 2016 and Windows 11

Welcome to the Community space, @KParent1.


Thank you for sharing the details of your concern. I'm here to provide some insights regarding upgrading to Windows 11 in case you decide to do so.


Considering that you mentioned not upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop, I suggest you refrain from doing so. This is because upgrading to Windows 11 might result in compatibility issues since QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and later versions are the only ones compatible with the new OS.


You can also check this article to learn more about QuickBooks Desktop and Beta Operating System (OS) compatibility: Understand QuickBooks Desktop Compatibility with Beta Operating Systems


If you need further assistance with QuickBooks Desktop please leave a reply, the Community is always available 24/7. Have a great day!

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Desktop Pro 2016 and Windows 11


I wouldn't recommend to run QB Desktop on Win 11. Unless you have no other choice.

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