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Entering Credit Card Expenses with the Customer Feature turned on

I have the Customer feature turned on and I would like to manually enter credit card expenses.  I believe the typical suggested method is to use the Credit Card Register (Method 1 below), but it has drawbacks.


Method 1:

Go to Chart of Accounts.  View Register for the credit card.  Click ‘Add CC Expense’.  Enter Payee, amount, etc.  Note that you CANNOT enter the Customer.  So after saving the expense I have to go to the Expense List, edit the transaction, and add the Customer. 


Method 2:

Go to Expenses list.  Click ‘New Transaction’, new ‘Expense’.  Payment account is the credit card I used.  Payment Method is ‘Credit card’.  It is on this screen that I can enter the “Customer” field.  If I use the first method in the Chart of Accounts, the Customer field is NOT available.


Is it equivalent to use either method?  The only difference seems to be that on the Expenses list, the “Type” will read “Credit Card Expense” on method 1, and it will read “Expense” on method 2.



QuickBooks Team

Entering Credit Card Expenses with the Customer Feature turned on

Either way will work in entering your credit card expenses, dominojoe.


We give you multiple ways of recording your credit card payments to keep track of your expenses. As long as you enter the correct option or account on the transaction, it'll post on the correct accounts. 


You can check out these articles that will help you manage your credit card accounts:


If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to post them here. Take care!

Level 1

Entering Credit Card Expenses with the Customer Feature turned on

Managing Credit Cards is made simpler through storing on your payment ... Customers subscribe for a service through your website by entering their card details in the ... which in turn passes it on to the credit card network (MasterCard, Visa, etc.). ... in the payment gateway, the Partial Card Update feature comes into place Wendy’s Survey

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