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Error -6123, 0 when upgrading or opening company file

Is there a way to display the company name/title when I open a new quickbook company file? I have several company files and when I switch company files, it doesn't tell me what file I am in. This is for the QB desktop for Mac.

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QuickBooks Team

Error -6123, 0 when upgrading or opening company file

Hello there, @Benito.


Thanks for letting us resolve your concern. I can help you get past the error -6123, 0 when upgrading or opening a company file and also fix the QuickBooks unexpected behavior.


If you have a company file of any size, QuickBooks for Mac is handling a lot of data. If you don’t see the data you expect or in the way you expect it, try the troubleshooting steps below and you can soon be back to the way things were.


Solution 1: Check your version of QuickBooks for Mac and your Mac’s operating system. 


Have you recently upgraded your Mac OS? That change alone can cause an older version of QuickBooks to behave differently. When you modernize your operating system, you should do the same with QuickBooks. 


You can download a trial version that will work for 30 days from you may also check out this article for QuickBooks Desktop Mac installation and set up:


Solution 2: If updating QuickBooks doesn’t fix the wonky behavior, it means version compatibility isn’t the issue. Try opening one of the sample company files that QuickBooks installed.


Repeat the activities that have been causing trouble in your company file. If the problems occur in the sample company file, try checking your disk permissions.


Here's how:

  1. Go to Disk Utility.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Choose Utilities.
  4. Then, Disk Utility.
  5. Select your Mac’s hard drive and click the Repair Disk Permissions button.

The following article contains additional solution and information on this matter:


That should help you get rid of error -6123 and display the company name/title when opening a new company file. Let me know how things go once you've tried the above steps. If you need anything from me, just drop a reply on this thread. I'll be happy to answer. Have a nice day!

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