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I would like to know how to go about turning off the feature in QB that causes it to automatically generate a new estimate number each time I open the estimates and try to start a new one. 

It uses this predetermined number on each new estimate I create and even after I manually change the estimate number it still uses the auto generated number as the file name when emailing the estimate to a client.


QuickBooks Team


Hello there, Ahlcllc.


QuickBooks automatically assigns numbers to your transactions. If you've manually changed the estimate number, our software will auto-populate the next number in sequence when you create a new one. For now, we're unable to turn off this feature.


I suggest sending this idea directly to our product engineers. We're actively gathering feedback from our customers to continuously improve our software and provide you with the best features possible. Just click Help, go to Send Feedback Online, then choose Product Suggestion


You're always welcome to post in the Community if you have other concerns. 

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How do you change the estimate number? I don't want mine to start at 1001 which is the default number for the first estimate. Thanks.

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Quickbooks never used to retain my estimate numbers, this has just started in the last few weeks after I entered one particular estimate number, now all of a sudden it’s using that number for every estimate I create. And even if change the estimate number and save it with the new number it still has the auto generated number as the file description so when I attach the estimate to an email it looks like I’m sending someone the wrong estimate. This does not make my company look very professional. 

QuickBooks Team


Hi there, @Asil00 and @Ahlcllc.


Thank you for joining this thread and providing details about your estimate number concern. Allow me to loop in and share some more insights.


As mentioned by my colleague, QuickBooks has a sticky setting feature where it will remember the previous information and continue to increment just like the estimate number.


To change the estimate number, you'll have to edit the Estimate # field. In case you enter 100 as the transaction number and save it, the next estimate you will create will have 101 automatically.



When editing the transaction's number, be sure to save it before closing. This is for the correct number to reflect once you email them to your customer.


Keep me posted if there's anything else you need about estimates. I'm still here to help you further. Have a good one.

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