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Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

If I export my data file from QB online to QB Desktop will the online account still have my data?

QuickBooks Team

Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Thanks for posting your question in the Community, @makingcents. I can provide clarification on exporting data from QuickBooks Online to Desktop.


The information that's in your Online account will still be there after you perform an export. Additionally, if you should be canceling your Online account, the data will be available in read-only access for one year if you've paid for your subscription. For more information on this, such as data availability for a trial company, please see the following article: Cancel Your Subscription.


Additionally, since you're looking into exporting your company, I suggest the following article, which guides a user through this process: Export Data File from QuickBooks Online to Desktop.


These resources are a great place to start when looking at exporting.


I'd be delighted to answer other questions should you have any. Cheering you to continued prosperity. 

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Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

I have completed the export from QB online to desktop (Acct, 2018) and I am missing one customers transactions.  I have verified the characters are within the allowed amounts?  The customer and all of their transactions are not transferring??  Help! they have 5 yrs of data thanks

QuickBooks Team

Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Hi whitcomb,


When you export your data, did you get any error message about non-exported transactions?


Let's export your data again. Then, if the same thing happens, please get in touch with our phone support team to check this further. That have additional tools to check your setup.


Here's how to contact them:

  1. Click the Help menu.
  2. Choose Support.
  3. In the Addition Resources section, select Contact us.
  4. Choose Need to contact Intuit Accountant Support?.
  5. Scroll down and click the Get Phone Number button.

We're just around if you have questions.

Level 1

Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

no error message came in. I chatted with a support rep and their answer was I have to manually enter 5 years of data.  additionally, I have discovered there are 152 undeposited funds.  So I am not sure how to proceed with a good file. May need to start a fresh file in desktop in 2019. 

Aleh - CloudBusiness
Level 3

Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Hello Whitcomb,


  What I can suggest you to do is to try thrid-party apps in a free trial mode and export/import just a piece of a thing that wasn't transferred to your destinated company and see if that will work for you. I believe nobody wants to manully enter 5 years of data by hand - that just means we have to find an appropriate app(s) for doing import correctly.


  I can deliver that there are Business Importer class apps around. They have an app for Online version for you to export the data and a Desktop version for importing it. Trial versions have some limitations on the number of lines one can export/import as of about 100-200 lines for the trialing period. However, importing/exporting just 10-20 lines will be enough to check if that works. And that should work. However, I can't say more precisely here as I don't know what type of transactions are missing for your customers as Online and Desktop have some differencies, however as far as I know that is just the inventories that is the major part of this. 



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