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How do I do a "Factory Reset on QBO?

I need to reset my company back to the very beginning.  I've walked through the steps on the message board and none of them have worked.  Ideas???


Thank you!

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How do I do a "Factory Reset on QBO?

I've come to help share how you're able to reset your company, @RoycePowers.


You can delete the data of your online company as long as you're still working with it within 60 days. Let me walk you through the steps on how to accomplish this.


  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. In the URL or address bar, delete all the text after the last / and enter purgecompany.
    • Before:
    • After:
  3. Enter Yes in the confirmation message.
  4. Click Wipe data.


But if you're online company is older than 60 days, wiping out your data is not possible. Thus, it is recommended to cancel your subscription and start a new file by following the steps outlined in this article: Add a new company.


Also, I've got you this reference helpful in managing your company's transactions, income or expenses, while working with us: Get started with QuickBooks Online.


If you have follow-up questions about this or any other concerns with your QuickBooks account, please don't hesitate to hit the Reply button below. I'm willing to help and assist you anytime. Take care and stay safe!

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How do I do a "Factory Reset on QBO?


You are unable to purge QBO Simple Start or your account > 60 days old. You should open a new blank QBO account instead.




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