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How do I enter goods received not yet invoiced in Quickbooks Online?

It is my understanding that Quickbooks Desktop allows you to record item receipt despite invoice not yet being received (DR Inventory / CR Item receipt liability account or goods received not invoiced), and then once you receive the invoice you create a bill therefore reclassify the accrual to AP (or at least that should be the entry flow). 


We issue blanket POs, with various receipt dates. Invoiced received consist of shipments which may have occured over one or two months. Since inventory should be updated based on shipment date or receipt date (or at least in the correct month), how do I do this in Quickbooks online? 

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Malcolm Ziman
Level 10

How do I enter goods received not yet invoiced in Quickbooks Online?

The vendor's invoice date, or when it is received, does not determine when to raise the transaction in your books.  It's the receipt of the goods.  So you would create a Bill transaction which increases inventory and liabilities (AP), dated when you receive the goods. The receipt date of the vendor's invoice is not an accounting event.   For imports, the determining date is usually shipment from the foreign port

QuickBooks Team

How do I enter goods received not yet invoiced in Quickbooks Online?

Hey there, @Anonymous.


Welcome to the Community space and thank you for the details you've added. I can help you enter goods received, but not yet invoiced, in QuickBooks Online.

Creating an item receipt like in QuickBooks Desktop is not yet available in the QuickBooks Online version. However, you can create a Purchase Order and convert it to a Bill once you receive the items. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click the Plus icon.
  2. Choose Purchase Order.
  3. Enter the necessary information.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Copy to Bill.
  6. Update other information such as the Bill date.
  7. Click Save.

That should help you record your transactions in QuickBooks.


You can send your feedback to our product team so this may be considered in the future update. Please visit and post your idea in this link:


You can add a comment below if you have other questions or concerns. I can provide further assistance. Have a blissful day!

Level 1

How do I enter goods received not yet invoiced in Quickbooks Online?

The above solution doesn't work for me. Say my overseas supplier invoices goods to me on 1st January. I receive this invoice on 5th January by email. I receive real goods on 1 March . I have to  pay in April. Now, when do I add his invoice and in what date? If I add invoice on 5th January, that means I add to my inventory, which is not correct and might mislead me since the inventory will be received later. If I add the invoice on 1st March in the date of 1st January, then my inventory in books changes for January which was again not the case. My real inventory in January was different. 

QuickBooks Team

How do I enter goods received not yet invoiced in Quickbooks Online?

Thanks for joining this thread, @APS4. Let me provide some insights about creating an invoice in QuickBooks Online.


If you plan to get paid in the future for products and services you sell, you can send your customers an invoice. When you decide to make an invoice, you can select any date you want. 


To create one, here's how:


  1. Click + New.
  2. Choose Invoice.
  3. From the Customer ▼ dropdown, select a customer. 
  4. Review the Invoice date. If you need to, change the due date in the Terms ▼ dropdown. 
  5. From the Product/Service column, choose a product or service. 
  6. Enter a quantity, rate, and change amount if needed.
  7. Click the Tax checkbox if you need to charge sales tax.
  8. Once done, select Save and close.


If you're using the new version of invoices, you may follow the steps in this article: Create and send invoices in QuickBooks Online. It also includes info to review open invoices and receive payments. 


Additionally, let me share this link to help personalize and add specific info to your sales forms: Customize invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


As always, don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have other questions about creating an invoice in QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help you. Keep safe and have a good day!

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