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How to pass QBOA ProAdvisor Exam Module 1?

I hope you all are doing well. 

I have passed all modules of QBO ProAdvisor certification except module 1. Best on my review, I have answered looks good, but also I haven't passed it. Now I have only the last chance for it. Can I get any help for: -how can I check my answer is right or not? - Can I get any PDF copy of the materials of QB Solutions for Clients? I had referred to training materials three to four times.


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How to pass QBOA ProAdvisor Exam Module 1?

I also hope you're doing great there, @vijay6. I'm here to ensure you're able to pass the Module 1 in the QBOA ProAdvisor exam. 


We've updated several components of the ProAdvisor program. Because of this, we're unable to provide the external links of the PDF copies for all modules. These were already removed. That could be the reason you're referred to the training materials three to four times.


I know the importance of passing the exam. Thus, I'd still recommend going to the Training tab from your ProAdvisor menu. Then, either click Self-paced or Webinar depending on the exam you're taking. View the screenshot below for your visual reference. You can also use this link to serve as the QB solutions for your clients: QBOA Products & Solutions For Clients. It provides you more information about your clients’ business financials, insights, data, productivity, and pricing. 



Also, you can check your right and incorrect answers at the time you're taking the test. With this, I'd suggest taking a screenshot or notes of your answers during the exam period. That way, you can refer back to those when you find you already answered with an incorrect one.  


When you take the whole exam, you'll only have three attempts to pass it. Since you're taking the last one, make sure to verify the answers before clicking Next after each question in Module 1. Then, finish it in one sitting. If you don't pass them, you're locked out for 60 days. But the good news is you can retake it after that period. For more details, see the How many times can I try to pass the Certification exam? section through this article: Frequently Asked Questions About ProAdvisor Certification


Once passed, you can download and print badges and certificates from the ProAdvisor menu. It helps you show off your expertise on your website. For more information, check out this article: Access Your Certification History


As always, I'd suggest visiting this website: ProAdvisor Certification Information. It contains links about maintaining your certification, managing your CPE credits, and resolving certification issues. 


I'm looking forward to the success of your certification exam, @vijay6.


You can count me in if there's anything else you need. Take care always. 

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