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Riddle me this...on this website:


Are we ProAdvisors really investing in a monster company, Intuit, that cannot even SPELL?



I am genuinely concerned...and trust me, not simply because of this embarrassing post that wasn't caught by how many supervisory approvals???   Don't know, but I am concerned about my investment in Intuit as a ProAdvisor based upon all the posts I've had to submit within the last year or so regarding blatant Intuit incompetence, QBO program flaws, lack of competent support personnel.   For example, I have been on a chat session for about an hour as of now (10:02 pm EST, 4/27/2020) for a different issue...after about an hour, the support rep asked if I was "still there"...his response:

really 2.jpg

He just closed the conversation???  Now THAT'S stellar customer service!!

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We know how important to have a support when fixing issues on your company, japeeler.


When having a live chat with one of our representatives, you'll need to respond so they can assist you in a short period of time. Otherwise, you'll be considered as idled. Once you're idled for a long time, the representative will be forced to closed to the conversation due to customer's inactivity. From there, they'll be assisting another customer.


Good thing with the live chats is that you don't need to necessarily start from scratch when you reach out to them again. Your previous conversations are recorded which can be used as basis on the current conversation. You can start a new conversation and the next representative can pick up where you left off.


You can also share the details your concerns here in the Community. We have active QuickBooks users, accountants or bookkeepers, developers or engineers, and active representatives. They can share their insights about your concern. 


We'll be helping one another in the Community to achieve a common goal which is to resolve each others concerns.

We'd appreciate any additional details about your concern so we can also review it and look for a resolution.

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