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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

It isn't the kind of experience that we want you to have, SGaul.


If you mean by death-loop is letting you chat on one of our Phone Support agents after the recommended troubleshooting, yes, you're correct. We let our customers reach out to our Phone agents since they have extra tools that can see your screen and verify the issue further.


On the other hand, if you're unable to Chat with them, we can run some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.  


To start with, let's open QuickBooks in a private window. It is where we can identify if what we experience is a browser-related issue. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to open one:


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Shift N


If it works, we can go back to a regular browser and clear its cache. Once the cache is piled-up, it can be the reason for some unexpected concerns on the opened pages.


We also have the option to use a different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge., Google Chrome, or Safari.


If you have some How do I concerns, please feel free to visit our Help page. We have articles there that have detailed steps to resolve your issue. 


I'm just a post-away if you still need help. Keep safe!

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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

Nope.  Followed your advice.  Tried to chat again.  Typed my problem into two different screens.  Took me to a screen that said "Help is on the way  We'll be with you soon."  There was a spot to click "OK," so I clicked it.  Total sucker move.  Took me back to "What can we help you with," which was the same screen I saw the second time I typed in my problem.  Tried it one more time, and it looped back to the same place.  I could do this all night, but it's not going to solve my problem.


My ACTUAL problem, by the way, is that I can't connect my PNC accounts to QBO. Problem is now 10 days old.  It's killing the usefulness of QBO, and I've now wasted 2-3 hours trying to get information or a solution.  Anything you can do or tell me about that would be appreciated.


Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

I appreciate you for performing the steps shared by my colleague, @SGaul.


This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience. I know the inconvenience of going back and forth to the chat support screen. 


I can see you've already performed the steps to chat with us but I want to make sure you can get in touch with us seamlessly.


Once you click the OK button it will go back to the What can help you tab. You can click the button to exit the help menu. To start a conversation with a chat expert, you'll have to fill out the details on the survey.


Also, to resolve your actual problem, may I ask if you encounter a specific error code? This can help me trace down if there is an ongoing investigation about this.


In the meantime, let's manually update your bank in QuickBooks Online to resolve the connectivity issue. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Select the account that's having issues.
  3. Click the Update button and wait for the process to complete.


If you're still unable to connect, you can manually bring in the transactions into QuickBooks Online using our WebConnect feature. This article will give you detailed steps and instructions: How to upload more than 90 days of bank transactions.


I'm adding this article about common bank error codes and its corresponding resolutions can be found in this article: Guide on bank error codes.


In case you want to select the Talk to a Specialist option. You'll be routed to a window to enter your information. Then, click on Confirm my call. You can also refer to this article for more detailed information about the support we offer at Intuit and its availability: Support hours and types.


I'll be here if there's anything else that you need help with. Take good care, @SGaul.


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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

So when does someone chat with me?  The only survey I get to is the "To better assist you, we need a few details" screen, and I've done that ten times already.


There is no error message.  It tries to connect to PNC.  It opens a new window with something that looks like a PNC page.  It says "Sign on to your PNC account."  Then that screen changes to "Sorry.  An error has occurred.  Something is wrong with UI."  It gives a PNC number, but, when I called, they said it was an intuit problem.  So far, I haven't been able to get someone at Intuit to speak to me, let alone to disagree with PNC.


I'm not interested in manually downloading my transactions.  I pay for QBO so that I don't have to spend my billable time doing that.  I'd like this problem to be fixed, and I'd like some way to tell someone what the problem is when it happens, rather than ten days later on a message board.


Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

Hello, SGaul.


This isn't want we want you to experience when reaching out to us. We want to get you back in business so you can categorize your transactions. 


There might be an issue specific to PNC's connection. I appreciate taking the steps to reach out to us and resolve this. At this point, we'll need to check our system and find out the root cause of the problem. 


Instead of the chat support, I recommend getting in touch with our agents through the phone. They can investigate what's causing the Banking page to display the PNC message. 


  1. Open the Help menu again, then click the Contact Us button. 
  2. Copy and paste the PNC error message in the box, then proceed with Continue.
  3. Choose Get a callback, and enter your contact details.
  4. Click Confirm call

An agent will call you as soon as possible. You can also open this article to know more about our support hours: Support hours and types.


If they're escalating the issue for our banking team to fix, you'll want to record your bank transactions in the meantime (instead of manually downloading them). Then, manually clear them in your bank register. 


After recording the transactions, here's how to clear them: 


  1. Go to your Chart of Accounts
  2. Find and open your bank account by clicking the View register button.
  3. Look for the recorded transaction, then click the check mark column box until a "C" appears. 
  4. Click Save




You'll want to follow your PNC bank statement to ensure the records are properly accounted for. When the issue is fixed and you can connect to your PNC bank, you'll want to exclude those transactions you've manually cleared and recorded (to avoid duplicates). 


  1. Go to the Banking page, then click the Banking tab.
  2. Click the For Review tab.
  3. Check the boxes of the transactions you want to exclude.
  4. Click Exclude.

If you need help with something else in QuickBooks Online, you can check our articles for guides and details. We have topics ranging from managing your company data to running reports. Click here to go to the QuickBooks Online help articles page. 


I'm willing to listen if you have other concerns regarding the program. Just leave your reply here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

My choices are "Community" and "Messaging."  I had the "Get a callback" option last week, but (a) ibecause your system doesn't have humans make the calls, the calls go straight to voicemail and don't have a return number that is answered (it told me to try to chat online) and (b) it's gone now.  I'd be thrilled to talk to someone.  So far, that happened only once -- because I called your sales line, which has live operators.  Trust me, "Community" is my least favorite way of trying to get this resolved.

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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

Hi.  I just got an email stating that the PNC problem was corrected, but the problem doesn't seem to be corrected.


Here's the message I received:


"Good news, the investigation PNC Business Banking error 377 & "Something is wrong with UI" has been resolved for QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds. If you are still experiencing this unexpected behavior, we would ask you to reach out to your online support team for further assistance.


"Thank you for being patient with us while we worked to resolve this issue for you!"


Unfortunately, I'm still unable to get a call back or start a chat, so you're my "online support team."


Please let me know what I should do now.


Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

Hey there, @SGaul


Thanks for following up with us. I'm happy to help you get in touch with support. 


As we do appreciate you coming here for support, we don't have the necessary tools to review your account and investigate the issue further. The Community is a live forum that all users can use and chime in on. We all work together as a team to find the right solution. I've included some steps to contact support, along with a direct link to chat support below.  


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks.
  2. Go to Help (?).
  3. Select Contact Us.
  4. Enter your concern, then hit Let's talk.
  5. Choose a way to connect with us (Callback, Chat, Etc.).

The direct link to chat with support:


Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. You can reach out to the Community at any time. Enjoy the rest of your week. You certainly deserve it! 

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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

I agree with SGaul.  It's a conspiracy.  I have been unable to run payroll since October 17th.  Apparently I have entered incorrect passwords too many times and now I'm locked out of my payroll account.  I have contracted ADP to try to get my company back in the good graces of the IRS, so I want to cancel my payroll subscription.  Unfortunately I am not able to log on to do that.  Intuit is going to charge my credit card in January for another year, so it seems my only option now is to wait until they do that, then dispute the charge.


I am so tired of Intuit finding ways to damage my business.



Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

Hello there,


This isn't the kind of service I want you to experience. Let me help cancel your payroll subscription so you won't get another charge.


To start, let's recover your QuickBooks Online sign-in info by resetting your password. Here's how:

  1. Go to the QuickBooks Online sign-in page.
  2. Select I forgot my user ID or Password.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. If you used your email address or user ID to verify your account, you'll get an email with a password reset link.

If you didn't get the email:

  • Check your spam or junk folders.
  • Add to your contact list.
  • Check all email addresses you might've used to sign up for your account.
  • Make sure to unblock emails from Intuit.

If you're still unable to access your payroll account, I recommend chatting our Payroll Team. They can cancel the service for you in a secure environment.


You can also refer to this link: Contact QuickBooks products and services Support to get in touch with our live representative.


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have other concerns. I'll be around whenever you need help.

Level 2

Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

Yup. Crickets.

Honestly I feel like calling my Sec of States office, this is shameful! I have left chat msg after msg.

We need to start a class action suit but I am sure we signed off our rights to that years ago.... 

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Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?

So they knew this support option was broken months ago and haven't fixed it...thank you for posting it.

Level 1

Is the get-help-by-chat feature a death loop for everybody?


Quickbooks ONLINE. PERIOD.T. Meaning online access only. Give them a call and the prompt says to use your HELP button feature. LOL The chat feature gets you to unexperienced personnel. You ask questions and they try to figure it out. If they need assistance, they reach out to their "back team" JOKE and then try to make the suggested changes. Why can't we have access to the back team that may know more about issues and get faster results. Same for the call back feature. They act like they are helping, but nothing is resolved. Whatever happened to getting a VALUE for your money? Why do they not appreciate our business? Why do they not care about the problems that they cause for us and they just move on to the next sucker. I have had glitches over the years that make me trust them even less. I went round and round for FOUR MONTHS trying to resolve IRS TAX issues with Quickbooks SCREWING UP MY W2's. They told me they were too busy with Tax Season and was told "just go ahead and submit them anyway and make changes later". WHAT?! That's when my accountant suggested I DUMP QUIKBOOKS! So, I cancelled last month.

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