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Memo field

Hi, we used "memo" field to write sales receipts, credits, etc but after filling the date, amount and so on we need to move with the mouse to the memo section. How can I move it to the rows where I fill the amount, description, item, etc?



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Re: Memo field

move the mouse pointer to the field you want to use, and click

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Re: Memo field

I don't want to use the mouse, I use the tab key to move to the next field, it takes me time to deal with the mouse when dealing with a lot transactions a day.

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Re: Memo field

I don't want to use the mouse, i use the tab key to move to the next field and then want to just press enter for the next transaction, dealing with the mouse takes time. I need to move the memo field

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Re: Memo field

Hi, @onedolphin.


Allow me to chime in the conversation and help share some information about using the tab key in the transactions.


In QuickBooks Desktop, there are keyboard shortcuts to help you through the common tasks without using the mouse. However, based on the scenario you mentioned above, once you're in the Item field, you can only use your mouse if you want to move out to the Memo field. 


Let me route you this article to know more about the different keyboard shortcuts you can use in QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Desktop keyboard shortcuts.


I'd encourage you to send feedback to let us know how you feel about this feature. Our product development team visits this section regularly to ensure we're delivering on what our customers need.


Here's how you can send your feedback:


  1. Go to Help menu.
  2. Select Send Feedback Online and click Product Suggestion.

I'm just a post away if you have other questions about the keyboard shortcuts. I'm here to help however I can.

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Re: Memo field

QB uses a Relational Database, so tabbing Out is how it evaluates what you entered, if that means pulling in the info from where it already exists in QB on a list, doing some math, etc.


To jump to the Transaction MEMO field (at the bottom), you can use Alt M, then tab. If you have Sales Taxes enabled, that is Alt M, tab, tab.

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Re: Memo field

Thanks but not working..

QuickBooks Team

Re: Memo field

Hi onedolphin,


I'd agree qbteachmt, using Atl+M and Tab makes it faster. For charges and credits, try using the down arrow on your keyboard. What's not working on your end? What transaction is it?


Please visit us back if you need anything else.

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