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Multi Store Server Client Help

I have Quickbooks POS V11 (2013) Multi Store Edition. We've expanded and I've added two registers. I now have my old register as my server and two client workstations. When I go and install Quickbooks POS on the client stations and chose client workstation, or single, I chose client. I put my original product ID in, because the multi-store ID won't work for this part (I upgraded from basic to Multi store previously). Now the server is running multi store and the other two registers are running basic. It won't allow me to enter the upgraded product number in anywhere. Can anyone help??

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Multi Store Server Client Help

every installation of QuickBooks point of sale, whether server or client, should allow you to enter the product ID during installation. It is on the same screen where you enter the license number. Now, do you actually have three users on the multi store license? Or, perhaps you could share a screenshot of how it is not letting you enter the product ID.


Multi Store Server Client Help

I'm here to help you today, CoralBay.


Each store is installed with a unique license number and client workstations within a store may have merged licenses with the server.


Your licenses have to be re-configured to work with your new setup. Let me show you how:


  1. From the  File menu, choose Preferences, then select Company.
  2. From the left navigation pane, select Multi–Store, then choose Store Exchange.
  3. From the Configuration tab, specify and configure the license number.
  4. Select each store number, choose Configure and verify the license number.
  5. If it shows a different license number, edit it and enter the upgraded product number.
  6. Hit Save.

I'm adding this article for additional information: Change store type in Point of Sale Multi-store.


If you're still unable to enter those information, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Point of Sale Team. They can help check your settings.


You can visit this link and choose your product to get in touch with our support team: Contact QuickBooks products and services Support.


Let me know if you need additional information about the multi-store set up. I'm glad to help you.

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Multi Store Server Client Help

The server file is converted to multistore. You will need 3 multistore license. or downgrade and upgrade to Pro.  Be V-13 might be out of luck with support on this.  Since you are expanding, have you considered the new features on V-19?  Great deals are now in please. Contact your Solution  Provider to upgrade. 




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Multi Store Server Client Help

Currently, you may only add users or stores to versions 18 & 19. Let me know if you need to upgrade. As a QuickBooks Advanced Solution Provider, I can give you a pretty decent deal. If you are a QuickBooks payments user on 2013, I can give you an excellent deal. Let me know if you need assistance.


Peter Eastvold

BlackRock Business

Level 3

Multi Store Server Client Help

As you state, you already have the server installed as Multi-Store, but the clients installed as Basic. Follow my video here, and you can manually change the Product ID.

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