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multiple businesses under one quickbooks online account.

Can I have more than one company under the same account or do I have to start a new quickbooks account for each company? I have found I can use the same log in information but not whether or not I have to subscribe to a new account for each company. I have the parent company and 2 sub companies that the parent company owns. I am currently using QuickBooks online Plus.


multiple businesses under one quickbooks online account.

Hello JDockins07,


Yes, you can use one username and password for multiple companies. You just need to make sure each of them has an active QuickBooks Online subscription.


When you sign up for a new subscription, you'll be asked to create an Intuit account. From there, you can use your existing Intuit account by clicking the Sign in link. You can refer to the screenshot below.


You can also check out this article if you want to consolidate two QuickBooks Online companies (using different Intuit logins) under one user ID: How Do I Consolidate Multiple Companies Under One User ID.


I'll be right here if you have more questions about this.

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multiple businesses under one quickbooks online account.

I have the same question. My company has 3 business divisions which are selling face masks, selling travel tickets and bookkeeping service. We want to see the performance of each division and the overall performance as a company. Can we create 1 QB account for multiple businesses. We only pay subcription fee for one account or each division has to pay subcription fee seperately?

I found the project function. May I create 1 project for 1 business division for this purpose?

Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

multiple businesses under one quickbooks online account.

Thanks for joining in on this thread, lucy87.


To verify, do you only have one Employer Identification Number (EIN) for these business divisions? If so, you can either use the class or location tracking feature. Classes helps track your transactions by departments, product lines, or any other meaningful segments in your business. While location is used to categorize data from different locations, offices, regions, outlets, or departments of the same company. 


Here's how you can enable the option:


  1. Go to the Gear Account and Settings.
  2. On the left panel, click Advanced.
  3. Select the Categories section to see the options.
  4. Click the toggle icon to enable the Track classes or Track locations feature.
  5. In the Track locations section, you can select Division from the Location label drop-down menu.
  6. Hit Save and then Done.

Here's a sample screenshot for a visual guide:



To learn more about class or location tracking, you can read these articles: 


On the other hand, if you have multiple EINs, you'll need to add an additional subscription for each business. This way, you can separate their taxes and reports. 


You can check out this article on how to add a separate subscription: Create or add another company file to QuickBooks Online.


If there’s anything else I can help you with your QuickBooks account, please leave a a Reply below. I’ll always be around to help. Stay safe!

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