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Point of Sale Deposit Receipts V19

We were one of the first users of Point of Sale V19 to report an issue with converting from V18 to V19. When a customer places a deposit on a sales order using credit/debit cards, the customer information does not carry over to the deposit receipt record. When the customer pays with cash or check, their information does carry over and you can view or print the deposit receipt and the customer's information is present on the record. After days of waiting with thinking our data had damage, they came back and said the cases with this issue were increasing and that our file had no data damage and that it was a program issue that failed with converting our database from V18 to V19. I was told they would address the issue in an upcoming patch or version. I am wondering how many other users are experiencing this issue. I know V19 is still relatively new but this is a serious issue and every day that goes by were we are continuing to conduct business, we are creating deposit receipts that are flawed and in need of fixing.


Please, if any Intuit moderators have any influence in getting the developers to get on this issue and make it HIGH PRIORITY, I would be greatly appreciative.


In the meantime, as I stated, i would like to know how many other users are experiencing this issue. I can tell you that users that created a new company within V19 will not experience this issue. It is only users who upgrade from a previous version, more specifically V18.

QuickBooks Team

Point of Sale Deposit Receipts V19

Hi @StevenS,


I appreciate you for sharing information about this specific issue you stated above. I'll point you in the right direction for support with your query.


I suggest you contact our Point of Sale support for assistance. They can add you to the list of our affected users. With that said, you'll receive a notification email as soon as there's an update available. 


I also suggest you take your time and view this article: What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0. It has a list of all new features you can find in version 19.0, along with their short descriptions. 


Feel free to leave a reply below in case you have other questions. I'll be sure to get back to you.

Level 2

Point of Sale Deposit Receipts V19

It's been over a month since this issue was discovered and I have not seen any updates or replies to address this particular issue. There has been one update to POS V19 since this time and it did not address this issue at all.


QuickBooks really needs to provide an update on this problem to affected users as soon as possible. It has become extremely annoying and the fact that customer information does not appear on the deposit receipts is becoming more and more problematic in our workflow.


Point of Sale Deposit Receipts V19

Hi, StevenS.


We are still investigating this unexpected behavior. Our engineers are all hands on deck working together for an immediate fix to sort everything out.


As long as you've already contacted our QuickBooks Support, you'll be notified immediately through your email once an update is available. However, if you still need help and need to discuss sensitive information, you can always get in touch with our QuickBooks Point of Sale Chat Support.


In the meantime, you can always visit the pointers below for some tips and related articles in the future as well as information about the operating system, hardware, software, and other POS requirements:


Support resources.

System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 19.0.


Please extend your patience while we're working on the permanent fix. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have other concerns. I'd be glad to help, have a good one.

Level 1

Point of Sale Deposit Receipts V19

We have exactly the same problem from the day we had to upgrade our V.13 to V.19.

We report this problem to Intuit and they were aware of such bug. We checked with 2 other businesses that also had to upgrade with us. They have exactly the same problem.

I am on the phone with technical service and they are still aware and not having solution!

They just provide me with another case number ([removed]).

The issue is not just with POS. It has a huge impact to financial software QuickBooks.

There is a "Unearned Revenue" account in QB, which holds all customers deposits. Since there is no name on all these deposits, QB created new generic customer name ("Counter Sales") and all these "unnamed" deposits are getting under that name. Normally that should be only for the case when customer rejected to provide their name, but that is not the case for special orders when customers are paying deposits to get special ordered items. POS even unable to print deposit receipt to give customer having customer's name!

I am surprised that so easy fix as filling some data field with missing information takes months to fix for such serious company as INTUT. That just tells me that POS is not the product they really care about.



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