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POS Sales Tax Code

Where is a good place to get help for Point of Sale 18.0 question.....It's ridiculous


I have support with my QB Desktop but POS wants me to pay $80.00 to get help today....yesterday they didn't need it and kind of help


I am wasting way too much time on this sales tax code old code is gone and I need to set it up again

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POS Sales Tax Code

Thanks for visiting our forum, @uasc,


You came to the right place for QuickBooks help. Here in this channel, we are able to assist your QB POS concerns as long as it doesn't involve confidential information about your account. May I know what's going on and how can I help you? Tap the Reply button below to add the description of your issue or mention my ID to notify me.


In the meantime, here are some related links you can check about setting up sales tax in QuickBooks Point of Sale:

Feel free to message me back for any additional information. I want to make sure you're taken care of. Have a nice day!

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POS Sales Tax Code

@uasc  Here is the key.. Get all your future software upgrades through a QuickBooks Solution Provider.  The correct one will support you all the way.  They will put  lot of effort to  get your business and the good thing is that most of the time will not be paying premium nor pay anything over what is listed in Intuit website. 


I know your frustration with POS.  Many things can go very wrong with no obvious reason.  But the QSP are strong troubleshooters. Many of them have come straight from Intuit.  You may contact me  , but I serve mostly the Puerto Rico and New York region.  Find one closest to your hometown.


Best luck to you.



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