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My credit card info was recently 'acquired' by someone and that card was closed and a replacement provided by the issuer. I created a new credit card account with the new card number and attempted to merge the old account with the new one since they will be merged by the issuer. When I do this, I get the message that the reconciled charges on the old account (I have been reconciling religiously each month) would show as reconciled in the new account. When the accounts were merged successfully, none of the charges were reconciled as warned. Does this mean that I must go back and reconcile the statements since the beginning or is there another way to do this?? I have since restored my Company File from the pre-merge state and am hesitating to merge the two cards now. Is there another way to 'shift' from the old card to the new one without losing my reconciled charges?

Thanks in advance for the input.




QuickBooks Team

Hi jdallaire,


Those people committing fraud must bet put into jail.


What happened to you isn’t what we expected when merging accounts. The prompt was right, and we’ll find out why your transactions became unreconciled.


Let’s run the Verify data utilities first to check if you have issues in your data. Then, you’ll want to run the Rebuild data utilities after that to fix those issues. If this is your first time hearing them, please check out this article for reference: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


We're just around if you need further assistance.

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Hello JessT,


I ran the Verify Data function as requested and Quickbooks returned that there we no problems detected with my data.


I guess we still don't know why the merging of the two credit card accounts would de-reconcile all of the reconciled charges in the older account.


Thank you.


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Hello JessT,


I ran the Verify Data function as requested and Quickbooks returned the message that there were no data problems identified.


I guess we still don't know why the previously-reconciled charges on the old credit card account become de-reconciled when it is merged with the new credit card account...




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Hello, jdallaire.


Thank you for trying the steps provided by my colleague and for sharing the results you’ve gotten.  Since you’re still unable to identify the root cause of the issue, I’d recommend contacting our phone support team. They can help you to investigate this further and fix this eventually.


Here’s how you can reach them:

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Choose your product: QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Choose Pro or Premier.
  4. Select any main topics and sub topics.
  5. Scroll down, and click the Get Phone Number button.

Please come back here if you have other questions about QuickBooks.

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