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Re: New Usage Limits - Attorney Not Happy

I agree with use of Desktop for law firm use. Even if you need some additional users at $200/computer it is still the less expensive solution.


You give up mobile use.- being able to access your account from within the courthouse or a clients place of business but if I were your client I would feel more secure in the knowledge that you are not putting my information at risk on an open public internet server

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Re: New Usage Limits - Attorney Not Happy

I agree John. With all the hacking these days and all the information being stolen, there is never a guarantee that that won't happen with QBO also. You can gain access to your desktop through varied means, you can use a hosting company and gain access that way (might be costly, have to check those) or you can use a service like TeamViewer, PC Anywhere, Go to my PC. There are actually many options for remotely accessing your computer from outside the office. They may not be quite as easy as logging onto a website but they are effective means of access to look something up, to produce an estimate or invoice and email or reconcile accounts.
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Re: New Usage Limits - Attorney Not Happy

I have used Splashtop often as a remote desktop. Relatively inexpensive to use outside your internal network (which is free) but it works so well you can use any internet device remotely as if you were in front of your desktop with full control. 


It is the one sure-fire way to stream certain content on a 1st gen ipad which itself does not support flash

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Re: New Usage Limits



Just received this email from CROOKED INTUIT. First they remove features from our subscription, now unless I upgrade I will loose all my data!!!


Six months ago, we introduced new usage limits for all QuickBooks Online plans. Since then, you were able to stay in your current plan and keep all your data, even if you were over those limits. Starting in October, QuickBooks will no longer support accounts that exceed their plan's usage limits.
What it means for you
According to our records, one or more of your QuickBooks Online accounts exceeds its usage limits.
To avoid any disruption to your account access, you must either reduce your usage or upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced. If no action is taken:
Starting Wednesday, October 16, every sign in to your account will direct you to manage your usage or upgrade to Advanced before your next billing date to avoid your subscription being suspended.
Starting Monday, October 28, your QuickBooks subscription will be out of compliance on your next renewal date and we may suspend your account.
For example, if you are on a Plus plan and use 251 chart of accounts, you need to upgrade to Advanced to match your usage needs or reduce your data to within the limits for Plus.
What to expect if your account is suspended
To reactivate your account after it's been suspended, you'll need to call customer care to upgrade to Advanced at the then-current price1.
While your account is suspended:
You can't reduce your usage.
You'll have read-only access to your QuickBooks data for one year.
You can export data to Excel or a desktop version of QuickBooks.
What it means for your QuickBooks Online Payroll subscriptions
If you signed up for QuickBooks Online Payroll through your QuickBooks subscription, your Payroll subscription will also be suspended.
Take action before October 16 to avoid suspension
View your usage and see which limits you are over by signing into your account. Select the gear icon Important in the Toolbar, then Account and Settings, then Usage. If you have multiple companies, you’ll need to check the usage for each company.
To keep account access:
Reduce the number of classes and locations, users, or chart of accounts to within your plan's limits.
Upgrade to Advanced to keep your current usage and continue growing on the plan with the most capacity.
Note: If you subscribe through your accountant, contact them for any changes to your plan.
Usage limits by plan: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced
QuickBooks Online plan limits
Simple Start Essentials Plus Advanced
Classes and Locations (combined) 0 0 40 Unlimited
Chart of Accounts (combined) 250 250 250 Unlimited
Billable users 1 3 5 25
Unbilled users
Accountant2 2 2 2 3
Reports-only 0 0 Unlimited Unlimited
Time tracking only 0 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
QuickBooks Online Advanced—helping businesses grow beyond limits
Advanced has 5X the capacity3 of other QuickBooks Online plans. You also have exclusive access to productivity tools. Create invoices 37% faster with accelerated invoicing4, delegate with confidence with custom user permissions, and track your business performance at a glance with smart reporting powered by Fathom5. With Advanced, you have room to grow, and your team can get more done faster.6
Upgrade to Advanced now to save 50% off of $150/month for 3 months7. Your accountant may have other special offers available to you.
Want more info?
Give us a call at [removed] M-F, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT or chat with a customer representative using the in-product chat feature to see which option is best for you.
You may upgrade, manage or cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription at any time by visiting Account and Settings and selecting Billing & Subscription. If you subscribe through your accountant, contact them for any changes to your plan.
The QuickBooks Online Team

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Re: New Usage Limits

Sickening isn't it?

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