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QB desktop pro renewal

I have QB desktop Pro Plus 2023 and 2023 payroll. It is time for me to renew, I am a one person home based business and don't really need the 2024 update but need payroll for wages & qtrly and yr end taxes. Can I just renew payroll and not desktop?

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QuickBooks Team

QB desktop pro renewal

Thanks for dropping the QuickBooks Community. It's great to have you again. Allow me to share information to help you clear things up about QuickBooks Desktop and its Payroll subscription renewal.


It is crucial to renew both your QuickBooks Desktop software and your Payroll subscription together. If you only renew your payroll subscription without renewing your QuickBooks Desktop, you may encounter some limitations and miss some important features and benefits.


Renewing your QuickBooks Desktop software ensures you have access to the latest version, including any updates, bug fixes, and new features released since your last version. Also, this is for maintaining the stability and functionality of your accounting system.


Additionally, renewing your QuickBooks Desktop software is necessary to continue accessing online services such as bank feeds, automatic downloads of transactions, and integration with other online applications. Without renewing your QuickBooks Desktop, you may not receive real-time updates and could experience disruptions in these services.


By renewing both your QuickBooks Desktop software and your Payroll subscription together, you ensure that your accounting system remains up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. It will allow you to take advantage of all the features and benefits that QuickBooks offers, providing you with an efficient and streamlined experience.


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For additional QuickBooks-related concerns, don't hesitate to post them here in the Community. We're always available and willing to lend a hand to your queries. Have a great day ahead.

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QB desktop pro renewal


Another option, you don't need to renew your QB Desktop Pro license but you have to use a 3rd party payroll app to lower your cost.

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