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Quickbooks Online - Mac & PC

I have a client who wants to use QBO.  One employee has a Mac and one has a PC.  It is a very small business (with no plans to purchase new laptops/devices), and I am wondering if QBO would be the best solution for them (I am new to QBO, but I've used QBD in the past). 


If my client signs up for Online and each employee downloads their respective apps (one for Mac and one for PC), will they each be able to access QB and make entries, etc.?


Sorry if this question has been asked before - I can't find a clear answer anywhere.

Thank you!

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Quickbooks Online - Mac & PC



That is one of the MAIN features of QBO.  You can use it from Win or Mac. (We recommend using Chrome as the browser on either) or download the desktop app for accessing the QBO account.


Keep in mind, if both people need access at the same time, you would need to sign up for QBO Essentials or higher as Simple Start only allows for 1 company user.

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Quickbooks Online - Mac & PC

Yes, QBO is a good alternative when using disparate devices among employees. QBO is online software as a service and thus can be accessed by any registered user from ANY internet connected device by using, as @MarshallA suggested, Chrome browser as browser of choice. There are downloadable apps even for ipads and phones but the downloaded apps lose some of the functionality and full features of browser connected.


One downside, easily combated, is that you need to be connected to the internet to use QBO, but almost everyone now has a phone with mobile hotspot capability that they could use in combination with their laptop of choice. I can attest to this type of access working very well - in fact many times faster than my DSL home internet

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Quickbooks Online - Mac & PC


As additional note, if you are not offering your clients any wholesale plan,  ensure to click the Buy button to get the discounted price for up to 6 months. If they purchase from the trial account, they have to pay the regular price.




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