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Got new laptop. running QB 2003.  I made backup of company on a flash drive.  When I follow instructions to restore I get to the question insert disk and press ok.  When I do - nothing happens and question remains on screen.

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If you got a new laptop that means you are running win10 as an operating system, if that is not true, let me know


Win10 will not load QB2003, 2015 was the first version to work on win10


You will need to buy a current version and then step up the back up file since it is so old.  Typically you can restore the back up to a newer version that is 3-5 years newer.  Then make a back up, do it again in still a newer version. rinse and repeat until it will restore in the current year version.


Doubtful you can find folks who still have those really old versions still installed and in use.


Beat bet is buy QB from intuit and have intuit step up your company file, or start a new company file from scratch

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I have QB 2003PRO installed and it works.  I just cant get it to restore backup file I have on a flash drive.  it goes through the process but once I get to insert disk it just keeps repeating the command to insert disk.




Any suggestions?

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RE: I just cant get it to restore backup file I have on a flash drive.


Copy the backup to your local c:\ drive first.


Don't be too sad or surprised if you lose your data at some point while using your ancient version of QB on a modern version of Windows.

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