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Square Sync App does not have an edit button

I have a new transaction from Square that was not present when I set up my Sync with Square App in Quick books.  Now I need to edit the general ledger accounts that are being automatically posted by the Sync with Square App.  When I do the following, there is NO "Edit" button.

Select Edit next to Defaults for Unmatched Items to update the defaults for income account and sales tax code.
  1. Sign in to your Quick Books online company, then select My Apps.
  2. Select Settings under Sync with Square.
  3. Select Edit next to Basic Settings to update Bank account, Expense account, and Payment method.  (on number 3.  - there is no edit button on my screen-see screen shot)

Also  I am the Master Admin on the Quick Books Online account.  I called Quick books support and they had me set up a "Banking Rule" to try to solve this.  But that did not work.  Bank rule did not change the postings from the "Sync with Square App" at all.


Does anyone know how I could edit my Sync with Square App, or find my "edit" button elsewhere? (screen shot attached)  Thank you!

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Square Sync App does not have an edit button

Hello, LB121.


When going to your Sync with Square screen (Apps>My Apps), you should have the Action button on the right side. Once you click this button, you'll see Setting from the drop down option. You'll need to select Setting so you'll be routed to Review Your Sync with Square Settings where you'll see the Edit link next to Defaults for Unmatched Items. 


However, if you don't have the Action button, I'd recommend opening your QuickBooks on a private window. Here's how:


    a. For Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N.
    b. For Internet Explorer or Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+P.
    c. For Safari, hold down Command+Shift+N.


If everything works fine on a private browser, i'd recommend clearing your browser's cache or switch to a different one. 


Let me now if you have other questions about QuickBooks. I'll be around to help.1.PNG2.PNG


Aleh - CloudBusiness
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Square Sync App does not have an edit button

Hello LB121,


I don't want to annoy you here, but there is an application named Business Payments that is going to implement the feature of syncing Square to QuickBooks Online quite soon. Right now the app works with PayPal and Stripe and has a very good rating at Intuit's app website, so I believe their Square integration should be convenient to use.


I am writing this in order for you to have a chance to register your email to their whitelist in order to receive a notification as soon as this feature will be released. They also have a great support team that could assist you in setting up this app. When I had questions - I was very pleased to get answers in a quick and notable manner.


You can install the app and then choose Square at the init step and put your email, so did I. Can't wait for it to be released.

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