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Set default Memo for customer or for Sales Receipt

I am using QB Prem 2020 with latest updates

Whenever I enter a sales receipt I add a memo.

I would like to set a default memo for the customer.

On customer record I did not see any Memo field I could use. I would have expected some additional optional fields on the Additional Info tab.

Anybody knows how I can do this?


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Set default Memo for customer or for Sales Receipt

Hi there, @gerdgoebel.


Welcome to the Community. I can show you how to include a default memo for the customer in QuickBooks Desktop.


You have the option to add a memo field from the Additional Info tab. To auto-populate the information in the sales receipt, you need to add an extra field to the Header section.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Customers tab at the top menu bar, then select Customer Center.
  2. Double-click the customer name.
  3. Go to the Additional Info tab and press Define Fields
  4. Add the Memo field and hit OK
  5. Add the information in the Memo field, and click OK again. 
  6. Press the Customers tab and select Enter Sales Receipts.
  7. Go to the Formatting tab, then choose Customize Data Layout
  8. From the Header tab, enable the Memo field. 
  9. Hit OK.
  10. Add the customer to the sales receipt. It should auto-populate the information. 

For more information, as well as how to create custom item fields, I recommend the following article: Create and use custom fields in QuickBooks Desktop.


Feel free to hit that Reply button if you have additional questions. Have a great day ahead.

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