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    How does one get Quickbooks support to give support??

    I have used QB over 10 years. I updated to Pro Plus a couple of months ago and since then I cant get bank feeds to work. It is year end and I need to get it working pronto.  I spoke to Claire, a technician, last week and she said I needed a "level 2" technician who could only call me, I couldn't call them. We established an appointment for yesterday at 3 pm for the level 2 call but no one from QB called all afternoon. Consequently, I called QB back this morning and spoke to Bern. She put me on hold until a level 2 was ready but I was cut off after 35 minutes. Bern did not call me back so I called QB back and spoke to John. John put me on hold but I was cut off after 15 minutes. John did not call me back.  I called back a third time and spoke to Rike. I explained that I had been cut off two times after long waits. After 45 minutes on the phone Rike promised that her supervisor (apparently the same as level 2?) would call me back in an hour. If she didn't call in an hour, I should respond to the email Rike's was sending me and she would make other arrangements. Rike's supervisor never called and Rike never sent the email. I called back again and spoke to Arteuses. He assured me that if I gave him my phone number, he would have a level 2 call me in five minutes. No level 2 called back. I then called again and spoke to Robby. Robby asked to share my screen.  He then said that my case had been closed. How could the case be closed when I never spoke with anyone at level 2. When I asked him who closed the case, he disconnected the phone call and then signed off the share screen. Robby did not call back either.   

    I wasted several hours and my QB still does not work.

    So how do I get the support I need?

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Hi ronnmann,


I can imagine the challenges that you've been through with our support channels. I'll share this experience with the relevant departments so we can improve our services.


I wish I could, but I'm unable to make calls in the Community. For this reason, I recommend contacting our Support team again so they can check the status of your case. They are open on weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM PT. I suggest calling them in the morning while the call volume is still low.


I also see that this is a duplicate post, and my colleague, Ailene, included articles in her answer in the other thread. You can check them out for your further reference.


The Community team is always available should you have more questions about bank feeds. Take care and have a good one!

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I think you are missing the point. The key is to be able to speak with a QB expert to solve a customer's problem with a minimum amount of hassle. That is not what happened. You don't offer any suggestions to get help effectively except to subject myself to the very same process that consumed the better part of my day. Why will it be better this time?  In my case I have been told I need to speak to a level 2 tech. However they never call despite numerous promises to do so.   

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